Why High-Traffic Sites Should Opt for Managed VPS

There is no doubt that shared hosting offers lucrative prices for new sites and startups. Therefore, it is considered better for people who are beginning their venture in the world of the Internet or e-commerce.

However, once a site starts growing, it observes a significant increase in traffic. At that time, this kind of hosting might not be efficient to accommodate such a higher volume.

Therefore, websites that generate more than usual traffic must opt for managed VPS services. If you want to know why this option is more suitable in this regard, keep reading. This article will illuminate the top reasons why high-traffic sites need managed VPS.

5 Reasons Why Managed VPS Is Better for High-Traffic Sites

Managed VPS hosting is famous for offering full root access, preventing cyberattacks, quality performance, scalability, and reasonable pricing. Therefore, it is a better option for high-traffic sites. Let’s discuss each feature one by one:

1. Full Root Access

The word “root” in the Linux landscape refers to “administrator level” privileges. Having root access means you are the master of your system and can make any changes you think are better for your website.

Shared hosting does not offer root access because a multitude of websites use the same server. If you give all of them full root access, the situation can become chaotic for everyone.

On the other hand, you can enjoy full root access by opting for managed VPS. This is because, in this kind of hosting, not all the resources are shared by different sites. Instead, a portion of each resource is dedicated to everyone.

As a result, giving all the sites full root access does not cause significant problems. This way, you can manage and configure different programs according to your requirements. You can contact the experts from VPS hosting Dubai to get managed VPS services and appreciate the full access that will help you manage heavy traffic on your site.

2. Prevent Cyberattacks

With the growth of a site, the risk of cyberattacks also keeps increasing. Cybercriminals are always watching out for high-traffic sites to launch their sinister attacks.

Shared hosting has failed to provide advanced security to protect large websites from cyber intrusions. Moreover, you cannot get full root access by utilizing the shared hosting option.

On the other hand, managed VPS hosting is far better than its counterpart in this regard due to the following reasons:

  • Leveraging a virtual environment, which is more immune to cyber incidents
  • Creating numerous virtual servers by splitting a single physical one
  • Giving full root access to use intermediary security applications or software

Due to the above reasons, preferring managed VPS hosting for your heavy traffic site can make it secure.

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3. Quality Performance

Is your site recently experiencing heavier traffic? Then, there are chances that this steep will go down if you have hosted it on shared hosting. The reason for this decline is that in this type of hosting, you share all the resources with hundreds of other users.

Due to the limited availability of required resources like RAM, bandwidth, and ROM, your site might start crippling when more people are visiting. On the other hand, managed VPS is the best choice for handling heavy traffic with optimal performance.

However, you need to look for a reliable and experienced hosting provider who can offer you the right plan according to your requirements.

4. Superb Scalability

Scalability is the key to managing the sudden influx of traffic to your website. Let’s imagine a scenario. Your e-commerce business is generating casual sales. All of a sudden, you see a sudden surge in traffic due to a specific occasion, which means more sales.

But you come to know that your hosting service is not scalable. Therefore, your e-commerce site is unable to cope with the higher number of visitors. You can do nothing about this issue.

This happens when you are relying on shared hosting because it cannot be scaled according to your needs. On the other hand, managed VPS hosting offers you the feasibility of scaling up or down your resources.

This is because this hosting type comes with a virtual server. Moreover, due to full root access, you are authorized to modify resources accordingly. You can contact the experts VPS hosting company to acquire managed VPS service in Dubai and enjoy a superb level of scalability.

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5. Reasonable Pricing

Another major difference between these two types of hosting is pricing. You might have heard that shared hosting is cheap and affordable for everyone. On the other hand, managed VPS hosting seems to be a bit expensive, especially when you are purchasing this kind of service for the first time.

But this is not all. The story does not end here. Look at the following features that you will be losing after getting shared hosting:

  • Root access
  • Third-party installations
  • Robust security
  • Scalability

Moreover, if one website is doing anything wrong, all the other websites will be affected. So, server crashes are more prevalent. So, you will essentially have to spend extra money to manage everything.

Conversely, although managed VPS hosting is expensive, it provides all the above features. So, crashes will happen only when pigs fly.

Why You Should Get Managed VPS for Your High-Traffic Site?

Managed VPS hosting is the perfect hosting type for high-traffic websites. It offers numerous advantages, including full root access, higher scalability, quality performance, and robust security. Moreover, in terms of pricing, it is not that much pricey. If you think it’s time to host your high-traffic website on VPS hosting, get managed VPS services by contacting a reliable hosting provider.


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