The 23 Best Arena Shooters Available Right Now

Over the years, first-person shooters have changed, but the arena shooter is still one of the most popular subgenres. These are the best ones.

Since MIDI Maze and Doom, first-person shooters have come a long way. Full 3D meshes are used instead of 2D sprites, you don’t need dial-up internet to fight with other people, and FPS games have a lot more game types than games from decades ago. Even so, these old games are still a big influence on most FPS games today.

Most people call these games “arena shooters,” and they focus on picking up weapons, controlling the map, and having a very high skill ceiling. Even though arena shooters aren’t as popular as they used to be, they paved the way for most first-person shooter games and are still fun to play. Even though arena shooters aren’t nearly as famous as they used to be, players still have a lot of games to choose from that are fun on their own.

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