Salesforce Updates 2023: A Brief Summary

salesforce software updates of 2023

If you looking to improve your business overall performance, then consider using Salesforce in your business. Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform that updates to meet goals of your business. 

With Salesforce updates, customers have get access to recent features and allow them to stay competitive. Salesforce updates usually come in three quarters and are named as Spring, Summer, and Winter. It consists of new capabilities, upgrades, and bug fixes.

Everyday update of Salesforce software program allows you to apply advanced solutions and improve safety of your business. Here you can see the recent updates of Salesforce in 2023.

  • Summer 23

The Summer 23 update of Salesforce was released on May 14, 2023. This update provides new features to save time, automate more quickly, customize client interactions and so on. Here are the some of the features:

New features 

Reports and Dashboards

With the new updates from the Salesforce Summer 23, the reports and dashboards were updated. Now, you can enhance your dashboards visible appeal by including images, rich textual content, and widgets. 

As an Unlimited Edition user, you will get stronger dashboard filtering option rather than other normal edition. The Post to Slack feature in the dashboard makes it simpler to share your Lightning dashboards. 

Now, you can easily share your dashboards without delay to Slack. Salesforce data cloud enables seamless integration, making sure current collaboration and access to recent statistics for greater results.


Salesforce has improved its permissions system by adding the field level protection for particular fields. Granted administrators can now control permission to set group assignments. 

The User Access and Permissions Assistant app has been upgraded, providing more information in reports and demonstrating greater performance. In addition to these enhancements, user access policies have been implemented.

It allows for automated management of user access based on criteria provided by administrators. These upgrades improve the administration of user permissions and access on the Salesforce platform.


In the Salesforce Summer 23 Release, the calendar undergoes a major improvement. It contains several productivity enhancing functions. These functions include showing up to five hundred events and activating fifty shared resources.

This feature also includes the drag options for rescheduling the events. You can preview the events with a single click. 

Now, customers can see overlapping event, access enlarged data, and use shaded coloring to highlight on past dates.

  • Spring 23

Salesforce Spring 23 update was released on February 13, 2023. The updated version of Salesforce software has many new features to help organizations save money and enhance efficiency. Below, you can see some new features:

New features 

DevOps Center

DevOps Center in the Salesforce improves the experience of your business. It seamlessly integrate DevOps best practices into your development team’s workflow. 

This collaborative platform allows all developers and builders to work efficiently together. It delivers value to consumers in a consistent and scalable manner. 

The Changes can be managed easily via the DevOps Center’s point and click interface, directly from the source control system, or a combination of the two. This allows for greater flexibility in your development processes.

Dynamic Activity Composer

With the Dynamic Activity Composer, you can complete record related tasks more efficiently. This improved composer outperforms the classic tabbed Activity Composer.

This includes important features such as email sending, phone logging, task creation, and event management. When visiting an activity’s dropdown menu, users now have more options. 

Customers can select one from the Email dropdown when numerous email addresses are available. Furthermore, users may easily set email preferences, shortening the process and increasing flexibility.

Personalized Report Filters

The Personalized Report Filters tool is a versatile solution for meeting your teams individualized reporting demands. This functionality allows you to create a single dynamic report filter that displays results tailored to each user. 

For example, you can create a unified Opportunity report with an Opportunity Owner dynamic filter for your sales team, and Salesforce will display individualized results for each member. 

By clearly choosing Use relative value on the filter screen and entering the $USER value, the filter will automatically regulate to the logged in consumer. It gives a personalized and efficient reporting satisfaction.

  • Winter 23

Salesforce Winter 23 version became generally accessible on October 17, 2022. Let’s see some of the vital features of the Winter 23:

New features 

Dynamic forms

Dynamic forms are now available for Accounts, Personal Accounts, and Contacts. Integrate Dynamic Forms into your Lightning Record Page for a more customizable format.

This characteristic lets you add extra fields and sections on your Lightning Record Page. Also, you may set visibility restrictions. It guarantees that visitors see applicable content material anytime rather than counting on the normal web page layout issue.

You can flip the Record Detail issue right into a Dynamic Form factor with a single button. This streamlines the process and allows for the automated production of dynamic forms.


The User Access and Permissions Assistant, formerly known as the Permissions Helper, is available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange. Its basic aim is to facilitate the research and reporting of access assignments.

This tool is intended to assist you in managing and evaluating permissions throughout your business. It emphasizes the principle of least privilege.

As part of continuous improvements in permission, the marketing cloud sales force encourages clients to prioritize Permission Sets over Profiles. This technique strengthens Permission Sets, allowing for better security practices.

MFA Improvement

The Multi Factor Authentication feature is now available for direct Salesforce logins. This feature will be available to organizations with at most hundred registered users.

Organizations with an active user base below hundred are highly advised to align with the MFA criteria proactively. 

To avoid any negative impact from this future upgrade, ensure full compliance with the MFA requirements and take the required precautions to protect any user categories exempt from the MFA.

Bottom line

From the above mentioned points, you have seen the Salesforce updates2023. Updating the recent version of Salesforce is essential to keep your business efficient. As Salesforce updates evolve, Salesforce AI plays an important role in shaping the future of customer centric innovations. It enhances smarter workflows, and drives overall business success. These updates will definitely take your business to the next level. 

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