View EML File Without Outlook with Simple Methods

EML is widely used in industries. But it is difficult to open an EML file without Outlook. EML is created by email client applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc. EML file can be view in Outlook but sometimes users don’t have Outlook. Then, Users face trouble while view EML file without Outlook. 

We have different methods to open an EML file without Outlook.

In this article, we discuss some are manual methods and some are automated methods SysTools EML Viewer Pro.

Methods of open EML file without Outlook

In this section, we discuss the various methods like manual method and professional method. And find which is better among all of them.

Method 1 : View EML File without Outlook in Web Browser   

You can open an EML file without Outlook with the help of Internet Explorer just by changing its extension. Internet Explorer understands MHTML files better. So, you need to change file EML to MHT format

Follow these steps 

  • Browser of the EML file you want to open in your system.
  • Right-click on it and select the Rename option.
  • After that, Rename the .EML extension to .mht extension to the file name.
  • Then, click on the “Yes” button to confirm the extension change.
  • Again, right-click on this file and select the open with this file.
  • Here, select the Internet explorer application to view EML file in it.

Method 2: Open EML File without Outlook Using Notepad

If you only want to email text, you can  only view raw text. i.e., unformatted text contains only basic characters, usually stored using the file extension TXT. This means you will see the email exactly as it was encoded, without formatting or additional elements. So, you will see the subject, time, date, sender and receiver information, along with the text of the email message. You would not be able to excess or be able to view any hyperlink, attachments, or an image of an original mail.  

Follow These Steps 

  • Find the EML file , right click on it.
  • Choose the Rename option, replace the .eml extension to .txt extension.
  • Confirm the change when prompted.
  • Double click on the new rename file, and open it with Notepad.

Method 3: view EML file without Outlook with a Use the Automated Tool 

For viewing an EML file without Outlook. We use tool that we mention above which is common in the industries. It is safe , secure, fast, easy to use even for beginners

Steps to Open EML File without Outlook using This Tool

Step 1 : First , you have to download and install this tool in your local system.

Step 2 :  Now, you can browse the EML file which you want to open by selecting the file from the left panel of the software.

Step 3: You can easily open EML mail in multiple preview modes such as normal mail view , hex view , Properties view, Attachment view.

Step 4 : After View the EML file, you can save or print the EML file in format.

Why to Use This Tool

  • Open and examine the EML file along with the attachment.
  • No email client dependency to browser EML file.
  • Multiple preview modes to perform an in-depth analysis of EML files.
  • Advance scanning option to open corrupt EML files.
  • No file size limitation to opening and analysis of EML files.
  • Support Windows OS in all versions.
  • User-friendly interface with top-notch functionality.

Method 4: view EML file without Outlook By Change to EML to pdf

 If the web browser and Notepad method is not helpful for you, then you can use the converter tools to convert the EML to pdf ,which transforms your EML to pdf. For better understanding and reading of EML, which is much more elaborated then MHT and TXT files. You can use conversion tool for this, which is widely used in industries. PDF stands for portable Document Format and was developed by Adobe Systems as a quick way to share files. This is a fixed-layout document that is unchanged to open in any system or phone. The pdf is also protected by password if it contains any confidential information.

Common Issues

You can view EML file without Outlook. But you may face difficulties when you try to view the files. You can view it as plain text. This requires using EditText, a pre-installed tool that lets you open and edit text documents and create them in another processor. Note that it does not display any image and attachment , and you also need to know how to identify the body of your message and any  Other links inside. 


If you are on this page then you are facing trouble in view EML file without Outlook. Above method is defined for your help but , the use of tools and automated software in an efficient , fast , easy way to open EML file without Outlook. According to your needs.

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