How do I save a text file as a DOCX? Best Possible Ways

Summary:- This article is all about to save a text file as a DOCX. We can perform this task with the help of Microsoft-owned Word and automated solutions recommended by experts to accomplish your tasks without losing any attachments. Let’s start the blog post by knowing the definition of TXT and DOCX file formats for the convenience of users.

TXT is a plain textual file format without any formatting. As we know we can embed any advanced multimedia attachments inside the TXT document. The file size of a text file is smaller as it is compatible with every platform or device, you can share text files with anyone without needing much internet speed connection.

DOCX combines two key terms DOC and XML that stores the document in open XML format. After the Microsoft Word 2007 version and above, it is a default file format. It is the upgraded version of the  DOC file format, many new features have been added in the docx as is small and can be easily shared with anyone.

Reasons to Save a Text File as a DOCX

  • It preserves formatting like color, font size, alignment, and much more. On the other hand, these features are not supported in normal plain text files.
  • DOCX files are used in printing applications as they produce high-quality output with a smooth graphic experience.
  • Compatibility of DOCX files with different platforms or devices offers a seamless experience in the sharing of documents with anyone when needed.
  • DOCX files are compatible with various graphic design software, and word processing applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and much more, unlike text files cannot support graphic designing software, etc.
  • DOCX files support digital signature and encryption so that any unauthorized access is not possible.
  • DOCX files are optimized for high-quality printing, on the other hand, normal TXT files are not optimized for high-quality printing.
  • We can add a digital watermark to our DOCX file to ensure the ownership of images, documents, and all other digital assets.
  • In every industry, DOCX files are considered the preferred document file format for regulatory compliance when you want to show a document to anyone.

Ways to Transfer Text file as a DOCX

There are various ways the convert text files to DOCX with Microsoft Word as a manual method and expert-recommended automated solution to accomplish your tasks without losing any sort of crucial information. Let’s start the with manual method.

Method 1. By using Microsoft Word

  • Open text file in Microsoft Word.
  • Go to File>>Save As
  • Browse the location where you want to save text file as a DOCX.
  • Rename the file name along with .docx as an extension.
  • Finally, you have converted text file to DOCX file format.

Limitations of the Above Method

  • We cannot bulk download textual data to DOCX file format, as the manual method won’t support these features.
  • With the help of this process, users can download one textual file at a time.
  • It is time-consuming and prone to error.

Method 2. Automated Solution for the Conversion of Text Files to DOCX

For the manual solution with Word, we have seen that users cannot export their data in bulk, secondly, it is a time-consuming process. After exporting to  DOCX format. You can avoid all these problems by using the expert-recommended solution by  BitRecover TXT File Converter which converts single/batch text files in bulk and secondly keeps the correct format without losing any bit of data.

Key Features of Automated Solution

  • Option to save converted text file documents in the location of your choice.
  • The tool allows you two ways to add a notepad text file i.e. select file or select folders.
  • This tool allows you to save confidential TXT files, to ensure the safety and security of user’s crucial data.
  • It creates separate output files for each text file.
  • Convert text to JPG, PDF, EML, and 15+ other file formats.
  • With this tool, the user adds an email address to convert into EML file format.
  • You can selectively convert TXT file documents as per the user’s requirement.

Procedure to Save TXT File to DOCX using Automated Way

  • Download & launch the wizard.
  • Add the TXT file(s) using the “Choose Files” or “Select Folders” button.
  • Select the text file(s) for text-to-DOCX conversion, and navigate to the “next” button.
  • From the drop-down option of the select saving option, choose “DOCX” as the file format.
  • Click on “Browse” to select the desired location where you want to save a text file to DOCX.
  • Finally, click on the “Convert” button.

Key Takeaways

In the above blog post, we have saved a text file as a document. If you have to bulk transfer TXT files to DOCX file format, this can be quite time-consuming and error-prone. Considering this situation, use an expert-recommended automated solution to accomplish your tasks without worrying about any bit of your crucial data.

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