Forward Gmail to WhatsApp Using Various Expert Techniques

Forward Gmail to WhatsApp through secure methods is very important nowadays for privacy and security. Learn how to send Gmail to WhatsApp!

Various users want to forward Gmail to WhatsApp with 100% security, but they don’t know how to do this. If you are also looking for a solution to send Gmail to WhatsApp, then you can continue to read this article. This blog post discusses multiple methods for forwarding emails from Gmail to WhatsApp.

Gmail and WhatsApp both are used by every individual in this world rapidly because of their effective use in our daily lives for connecting to people personally or formally.

Gmail is a web service founded in 2004 that came long before WhatsApp which is used to connect with people all around the world with formal or informal mails.

WhatsApp is a messenger application founded in 2009 to connect people instantly through messages and text with emojis. In this generation, everyone prefers to send information through WhatsApp because of its free and easy access.

Mainly there are two methods which I find are very secure when you want to forward Gmail to WhatsApp:

  • Forward Gmail to WhatsApp using Manual Method
  • Send Gmail to WhatsApp via an automated tool

NOTE: Sending data from Gmail to WhatsApp should be done with very high precautions and not taking any risk by doing it with methods which are not verified as safe or secure because you might get viruses in your device or lose important data.

How to Forward Gmail to WhatsApp Manually?

You can follow the below mentioned manual steps to forward emails from Gmail to WhatsApp on computer and smartphones. Just follow the instructions to resolve your problem in a professional manner.

Method i) How to send Gmail Email to WhatsApp on Computer?

  1. Login to your Gmail Id with your credentials.
  2. Go to the mail you want to send.
  3. Go to the print icon.
  4. Save the mail you want to send as a pdf.
  5. Your pdf file will be downloaded.
  6. Then open your WhatsApp on your desktop.
  7. Login whatsapp by scanning the qr code using your mobile(When you open your whatsapp in your mobile, go to settings then go to linked device and click on link device to get a scanner.)
  8. After scanning the QR on your desktop, your whatsapp will be logged in.
  9. Choose the contact you want to send the file to.
  10. Click on the plus button.
  11. Choose the document option.
  12. Select the pdf you downloaded.
  13. Click on the send option.
  14. Your email will be forwarded to the contact you wanted.

Method ii) How to Forward Gmail Email to WhatsApp on Smartphone?

  1. Login to your Gmail Id with your credentials in the Gmail App.
  2. Select the mail you want to share.
  3. Click on the three dots and Go to the print icon.
  4. Click on the print icon on the top right side on the page.
  5. You will get the option of WhatsApp after that.
  6. Click on the WhatsApp button and choose the contact you want to send.
  7. Your email is now sent to the contact you wanted to.

Limitations of Manual Methods

Forward Gmail to WhatsApp individually for every single mail is a tiring job as you cannot download it in bulk at once. Also, Gmail doesn’t support forwarding large attachments which can cause you to lose important data.

Send Gmail to WhatsApp via Automated tool

SysTools Gmail Backup Tool is a highly recommended software to forward Gmail emails to WhatsApp in bulk without limitations.

  1. Download the SysTools Gmail Backup Software.
  2. Install and run it on your device.
  3. Fill the Gmail login credentials.
  4. Select the file in which format you want it to save like PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, MSG, VCF, ICS, etc.
  5. Then, select the Gmail items that you want to transfer like Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents.
  6. Enable advanced settings if required and press the Start button.
  7. The backup file will be saved on your device.
  8. After downloading, login to your whatsapp using the scanner in your phone when you open whatsapp.
  9. Select the contact you want to send your file to and then you can send it all together.

Why Do People Prefer Automated Tools Over Manual Methods?

You don’t have to send all emails from Gmail to WhatsApp one by one, which will be beneficial as it will save you time and energy when you are sending every email one by one.

The tool allows you to forward Gmail emails to WhatsApp in several standard formats. You can even send emails, contacts, calendars from Gmail to WhatsApp accordingly.


Hence, I have provided you two ways – one is manual which is step-by-step for both mobile and desktop and one more is an automated tool. You can choose the method you prefer more according to your needs. However, do make sure that you are backing everything up so that you don’t lose important data. Also, while sending the gmail to WhatsApp you have to use a method which is secure to use.

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