The Ultimate Dubai Travel Guide For First-Time Visitors

Travelling is fun, especially when you know all the things that can make your journey smooth and comfortable. When travelling to a new place, research it and make plans accordingly. If you want to travel to Dubai, contact the best tour company in Dubai and book the travel package as per your choice. It is essential to follow all the regulations and gather information about the country, its people, their rules, etc., to make your trip fun and to avoid trouble.


If you want to travel to Dubai but are a first-time visitor, read this article. It contains the information that you need to know before travelling to Dubai. Having the proper data and knowledge helps make your journey easy. 

Visa Requirements

To travel to any country, you first need to satisfy their visa requirements, and Dubai is no exception. Your tour company in Dubai will inform you about visa requirements, and you must provide your information accordingly. However, some general Dubai visa requirements include:

  • Valid and Original passport.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Bank statements.
  • Accommodation proof.
  • Confirmed return tickets.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

Dubai is a hot country. In summer, the temperatures can be extremely high. This can ruin your travel experience and cause sunburn and tanning. Thus, you should avoid travelling to Dubai from May to August. The best time to travel to Dubai is November to March, as the temperature is not too high and is a little cool. You can enjoy this weather and make the most of your travel experience. Besides, if you travel during the festive or peak seasons, the cost of tickets or accommodation can be high. 

How To Travel In Dubai

To get around Dubai, you can take a taxi, bus, or Dubai Metro. Depending on your travel package, such as desert safari packages and itinerary, you can choose either of the transportation. Dubai Metro is comfortable and a budget-friendly option; it connects various tourist spots, making it one of the best option transportation choices. For some destinations, you may need to use a taxi, although its charges would be high compared to the metro. Also, taxis are easily accessible and available in Dubai. 

Book Your Accommodation

In travelling, two major things are crucial: accommodation and food. Both of these can be costly and difficult to find. It is important that you book your hotels or stay in advance to avoid last-minute hassles, especially in peak season. Rooms may not be available easily during peak times, and you may have to pay exorbitant prices. Hence, book in advance according to your budget and preference.

Cultural Etiquettes

You must respect the culture of Dubai and its people. Make sure you dress modestly and avoid wearing revealing or short clothes. If you have chosen desert safari packages, wear airy clothes that are comfortable to bear the hot weather of the desert. People in Dubai are lovely and respect their culture. Hence, you should also respect them and follow the rules during your vacation. Failing to follow rules can cause trouble, and you may have to pay heavy fines. 


Dubai’s culture is vibrant, and its food is flavourful. You can try their authentic dishes, cruise dinners, yacht parties or restaurants and relish in the deliciousness of its mouth-watering cuisines. Non-vegetarian dishes are easily available, but if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you don’t need to worry. It is also easily available, and you can find many restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you have taken desert safari packages, lunch and dinner are usually included. 


If you seek to travel on a budget, you can visit Dubai. Depending on your spending, Dubai can be expensive or affordable for you. However, if you plan to save money and travel, it is possible in Dubai. There is an option available for every budget. You can easily find pocket-friendly restaurants, accommodation, and transportation.


Dubai is a vibrant place with amazing infrastructure, adventurous activities and many more. But to make your trip fun, smooth, and comfortable, follow the points mentioned in the article. Consult the best tour company in Dubai for a hassle-free and memorable trip.

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