Why Do People Prefer Disposable Vapes Over Other Vapes?

What are the metrics to judge a vaping device? For starters, you can include efficient nicotine delivery, strong and pronounced flavours, good vapour production, and a smooth yet potent throat hit. But not all vaping devices will give you the best results on all those fronts. Disposable vapes seem to be the only vaping tool that has been known to produce all those effects, but despite their short life and simple design, how do disposable vape brands create such products that produce such a promising result?

Compared with other vaping devices, disposable vapes give the most favourable outcome, while there is always a tradeoff you have to make when you use refillable ones. There are a lot of benefits that disposable vapes come with, which makes them stand out in the vape industry. Let’s analyze what makes disposable vapes achieve these results.

The Flavour of Disposable Vapes

When we talk about disposable vapes, there is a general consensus that disposable vapes give a pronounced and noticeably good flavour. But how does this small portable device actually execute this function? Disposable vapes usually contain nicotine salts as opposed to free-base nicotine. Free-base nicotine tends to mute the flavour, but nicotine salts absorb rapidly in our body and give a smoother and more refined throat hit.

The nicotine salt in disposable vapes has a higher PG ratio, which is the main component that develops flavour in an e-liquid. There is definitely some chemistry involved here at some level, but disposable vapes contain more flavour concentrate and more PG. When you combine all these things in a single, aerodynamic device that runs on low wattage and contains only one flavour of e-liquid, you eliminate the variability, and it gives you an even and consistent result. Although these devices cannot be refilled for later use, but they are generally cheaper than refillable devices.

Draw and Airflow of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes clearly have a better draw that feels really smooth and come with pre-wicked coils that you can only use once. It’s very likely that the wicks in the disposables are saturated with e-liquid for months before you buy them and use them, and because these devices are designed solely for one flavour of e-liquids at a time, it is perfectly fine to do it.

But if you put an e-liquid with the same level of potency and flavour to another pod that needs to wick the e-liquid, then it would escape and leak out. In addition, the airflow of disposable vapes is usually constrained as compared to other refillable vape devices, which gives it an edge on flavour and throat hits. In contrast, refillable vape devices have more airflow, which makes the e-liquid inside react with the air in the atmosphere.

The Design of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes generally come with a sleeker and smaller body, which makes them pocket-friendly and easy to carry. Since these devices cannot be refilled, one doesn’t need to worry about carrying bottles of e-liquid along with them. due to their smaller size, these devices are light in weight and can fit the size of a palm, which allows users to vape discretely. Disposable vapes are also extremely user-friendly because these devices don’t require users to meddle with any buttons. They come with an auto-draw mechanism that allows users to draw from the mouthpiece without having to press any buttons. With no stress about refilling, recharging (in most cases,) and changing the coil/ other vape gear, these devices are beginner-friendly and don’t require a lot of prior knowledge about vaping to use them.

Why Do People Buy Disposable Vapes When They Cost More?

Taste is a highly subjective matter. A person who prefers espresso shots in the morning will almost certainly find a commercial iced latte to be sickly sweet. Disposable vapes usually have simplistic recipes and flavour profiles. They also help people who are new to vaping make a smooth transition from cigarettes to vaping due to their potent nicotine strength and highly concentrated and strong flavour delivery.

With disposable vapes, you get a better throat hit, better flavour, better nicotine fix, better satisfaction, and better density of taste. But it usually entails a tradeoff, where you have to lose longevity for flavour. But you can always enjoy it while it lasts, so to speak. So, in the end, it always boils down to what you weigh more and your subjective preferences.

Is There a Way You Can Derive the Same Satisfaction with Other Vapes?

There is no definitive answer to that because the exact recipe of disposable vapes is a trade secret, but there are a lot of ways you catch to match the satisfaction level of disposables. A lot of vape brands that sell disposable vapes have the flavours of their disposable vapes available in e-liquids like IVG bringing their IVG 6000 line of salts that give the same taste as their disposable bars. You can use the same nicotine salt in your vape device to match the flavours. But the flavours of e-liquids may differ greatly from device to device, even if you use the exact same e-liquid. When you move from vaping disposable vapes to a larger MTL setup, you might lose some subtle flavours or feel some flavours more intensified.

Other things that amount to flavour change include the type of cotton or wick you use in your vape device. Disposable vapes usually use silica braid wick, which gives a different flavour than the one you get from cotton pads. Additionally, the type of metal wire can change the flavour of e-liquids as well. The most common types of wire, including kanthal, nichrome, and stainless steel, all play a role in determining the flavour delivery, but with a pre-made coil, you have less control over this aspect.

In the end, it’s a game of trial and error, and you have to keep at it. You can also try out sample-sized bottles of e-liquids after your favourite disposable vape flavour and work with them until you find something you really like.

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