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Discover All the Facets of Complex Angioplasty

Complex Angioplasty

Known as PTCA, complex angioplasty is a procedure that plays a crucial role in treating coronary heart diseases by bringing a swift change in the blood supply to the muscles of the heart. And this happens through the widening of coronary arteries. 

This procedure further prevents the progress of heart attacks and treats chest pain. Interestingly, Dr Raghu is renowned and known as the best heart specialist in Hyderabad for his significant work in complex angioplasty. As a result, he has treated many patients and they are leading a healthy life today. 

Glimpse of the Procedure of Complex Angioplasty 

The entire procedure is completed in different stages mentioned below:

  1. Evaluation: The foremost process is the evaluation of the condition of the patient. Through this, it becomes easy for the healthcare team to make a note of certain points like medical history and diagnostic tests. 
  2. Preparation & Guidewire Placement: The patient is prepared for anesthesia and then a thin guidewire is inserted through an incision in the wrist. 
  3. Balloon Angioplasty: A deflated balloon is inserted followed by a catheter over the guidewire and narrowed segment of the coronary artery. The next move is to inflate the balloon against the walls of arteries. 
  4. Stent Placement: For cases where there is a blockage, the stent is placed at the location of the blockage and widened with the help of the balloon. 
  5. Post-Procedure Evaluation: The last stage is the assessment of the patient to check blood flow and intervention results with the help of intravascular imaging techniques. 

Risks Associated With Complex Angioplasty 

Like any other procedure and treatment, there are some risks associated with complex angioplasty

  • Bleeding: This is one of the most common risks for people who are about to experience complex angioplasty. For serious cases, intervention is required to stop bleeding.
  • Coronary Dissection: Sometimes, patients may get a tear in the arterial wall due to the balloon catheter. Thankfully, it is not a serious condition and can be handled easily.
  • Vessel Damage: Due to a guidewire or balloon catheter, there’s a risk for blood vessels. In case blood vessels get damaged, an additional procedure is required. 
  • Restenosis: Sometimes, there’s a chance of re-narrowing of the artery which further asks for another procedure and treatment from the healthcare team. 

Advantages of Complex Angioplasty

If you are getting complex angioplasty done by a heart specialist in Hyderabad, the following are some advantages you get.

  • Better Blood Flow: After the procedure, the blood flow gets restored and further reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • Quality Life: A successful angioplasty can play a major role in improving the life of the patient by increasing the capacity to exercise and better cardiac functioning.


All in all, if you are waiting to go through complex angioplasty, you can get it done very easily with the assistance and guidance of Dr Raghu, who is considered today as one of the best cardiologists in Hyderabad. With the help of this procedure, you can get back your early days and live your life to the fullest.

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