Wanted to Save Crores and help people? Start Practo Clone Script

Launch a full-fledged online doctor booking application with the help of our highly customizable Practo clone script. The app includes unique features that ensure its smooth operation. We create native and cross-platform apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

Allow users to search for and book appointments with doctors, therapists, and health consultants. and use their smartphones to access medical services like diagnostic tests in clinics and hospitals. The app offers unparalleled versatility. assisting your users with appointment scheduling, cancellation, and rescheduling Our Practo clone app is the gold standard for seamlessly connecting patients with doctors.


The Practo clone app is a white-label solution that can be completely customised to meet your branding needs. You can change the logo, colour scheme, and name of the app. and other relevant information in the app as you see fit, making you the sole proprietor of your app. You can also customise the app to fit any location. Along with incorporating multi-currency and multi-lingual features, we can help you succeed when going hyperlocal.

We offer doctor appointment app development services with our Practo clone app

The on-demand industry is slowly making its way into all service sectors. This is true for the global healthcare industry as well. We at Omninos are working hard to create a top-notch on-demand doctor application that will help our healthcare customers reach their target market more efficiently. Our telemedicine app development services include the following:

Prescriptions Online
Patients can access their data from anywhere, at any time, to obtain prescriptions and other health-related information.

VR assistance built in
The app allows patients to virtually connect with doctors via video calling, which is supported by the app’s integrated Virtual Reality assistance.

Information on Digital Health
Virtually all of the patients’ health records can be saved. making it easily accessible for future consultations

Appointments in Real-Time
With the fully functional on-demand doctor app. Users can now book appointments with doctors and health consultants by checking their availability.

Consultation via the Internet
Doctors and medical practitioners can provide consultation and treatment to patients without them having to visit their clinics.

Suggestions for Improvement
The comprehensive Practo clone app provides useful recommendations to users looking for doctors based on their health conditions.

What is included in our Practo Clone App Package?

Our telemedicine app development service complies with Google Play Store and iOS App Store rules. It functions flawlessly on all personal digital assistants, including Android and iOS-powered smartphones and tablets. and all web panels, while also providing complete adjustability.

Our Practo clone app bundle includes:

Principal website
Android app for doctors
The doctor iOS app.
Web panel for doctors
Tolerant Android app.
A patient iOS app.
Admin Web Panel.
Patient Panel.

Essential features of Telemedicine software development


Keep the registration and login processes simple to allow for easy user onboarding. Make social media login options available.
for fast logins

Profile of the User

Users can add or edit their personal information as well as their medical records for future use.

Profile of the Doctor

Doctor qualifications, availability, location, and other information
There are ratings and reviews. Users can bookmark their favourite doctors for future appointments.

Reminders and Push Notifications

Push notifications notify users of upcoming bookings and other relevant information. They can also set alarms to receive notifications about upcoming appointments.

In-Clinic Visit Appointments

Users can schedule appointments with their doctors based on their availability, avoiding long lines at hospitals.

House Call Appointments

Users can make appointments with doctors for house calls on the dates and times that work best for them.

History of Medicine

Users’ health records and treatment information can be saved in the app for future reference. When required, they can be downloaded as PDFs.

Control of Relatives

In the app, users can create and manage health records for their family members.

Chat within the app

Users can instantly connect with doctors based on their medical condition and share their medical records. and receive prompt consultation

Several Payment Gateways

Several payment gateways are integrated into the app, allowing users to pay in-app using their preferred payment method.

Articles on Health

The app’s Article section provides users with health-related news and information.

Filter & Search

Users can look for doctors based on their location, hospital, or medical condition. They can also filter based on the gender consultation fee. as well as accessibility.

Advantages of Telemedicine App Development

Our on-demand doctor app enables you to create a welcoming platform that seamlessly connects practitioners with patients and vice versa.


Your users will be able to navigate and access every feature of your app with relative ease if you have a clean UI and a clear app structure.

Simple Scheduling

Making doctor’s appointments and gaining access to other healthcare services is now as simple as a few taps.

Payment Gateways That Work

The presence of several payment options, ranging from credit/debit cards to digital wallets, simplifies payment execution on the platform.

Support for Integrated Video

Create a decentralised platform where patients can connect with doctors from anywhere using the live video feature.

Personalization that is seamless

Users can now receive personalised healthcare consultations and other health-related services from their preferred doctors.

Service on Demand

With the Practo clone app on board, users can easily and quickly obtain healthcare services from specific doctors.

What Makes Omninos the Best Place for App Development?

Customizable solution

Our Practo clone is a highly customizable on-demand doctor application that can be tailored to your company’s specific requirements.


The app solution is highly scalable, allowing for future changes based on changing business needs.

Elegant design

Our designers go to great lengths to ensure that users can easily navigate the platform.

SEO-friendly solution

The on-demand Practo clone is optimised to appear at the top of user app store search results.

Internal team

Our development team consists of in-house Ul designers, developers, QA engineers, business analysts, and a project manager who work together to create a robust app for your company.


We provide on-demand doctor app development services at a low cost, allowing any business to take advantage of the service with ease

Launch immediately

The white-labeled Practo clone app we provide is designed with exceptional features that enable you to launch your app on multiple platforms right away.

24-hour assistance

Our customer support team will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you in any way they can.

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