How to choose a good driving instructor

Take the time and analyze what is best for you in the practical phase in terms of your driving instructor. There are different aspects to take into account and we will tell you about them below.

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After the person successfully passes the theoretical automatic driving lessons test, the first question on the table is :

What type of instructor do I need for the practical phase?

It really is a decision that is not easy, especially if you are going to invest money in this learning or if, on the contrary, you will give a family member the opportunity to teach you how to drive . However, having a family member or neighbor instruct you will not always be the best option.

Furthermore, it is not something that will be learned overnight, it will take days, weeks or even months to learn how to drive a vehicle and as with everything, some will be faster than others assimilating this practical part .

How to choose a good driving instructor?

There are a series of considerations to take into account when choosing the person who will teach you how to drive, whether it is from a specific driving school or an independent driver :

The driver who will be an instructor must have at least five years of experience driving all types of vehicles and if he is certified , much better .

  • Always have a positive attitude .
  • Know everything related to vehicle mechanics.
  • Ability to transmit knowledge.
  • Who knows how to listen .
  • Be honest and patient.
  • Ease of communication .
  • Know the Traffic Law .

That everything that was offered is fulfilled in the process and that the car in which you are teaching the classes is really in the best condition and does not threaten the safety of the student .

Good planning

When you are looking for a driving instructor , the first thing you should do is ask for a plan or an itinerary of the classes you are going to receive, so that it really looks like a plan and of course that the future driver is progressing, that he is less to more in this process . He has to manage schedules, routes, activities to be carried out and evaluation , just as he will encounter in the practical exam.

It doesn’t hurt to make comparisons of work plans versus the price they offer for the classes . Analyze which is the best option, it is not about paying whims either . Here it is valid to consult close people who have had experiences with driving instructors .

Relationship, communication and feedback

When the instructor is about to be hired , references are important in terms of how the instructor behaves, his relationship with the student, respect , whether he has good communication channels to correct errors and, above all, that he listens well to the student’s doubts. student .

Patience , calm, on both sides is key to a good learning process .

There is something that cannot be forgotten, that a good instructor will always worry about the safety of his student, he will never expose him to danger on the road.

Not being carried away by a gender situation , value is given to men and women instructors as long as they show the aptitude and attitude to teach . It is not good to pigeonhole yourself into saying that a man is better than a woman or because I am a woman then I prefer a lady as an instructor .


Now if we have talked about the qualities or characteristics of what would be a good instructor , we must also do a little inward analysis on the part of the automatic driving lessons Coventry student. Instructors have to be respectful, educated, knowledgeable people, but so do students.

A student cannot expect to do everything they want in the process either, so before choosing the instructor they must have a positive, open and above all empathetic mentality so that everything goes well. It is not about the student being uncomfortable, annoying or disrespectful but also about behaving accordingly .



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