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The Role of Lung Scans in Early Detection of Respiratory Conditions

The Role of Lung Scans

An individual should never ignore signs shown by their body that are abnormal. Since most of the time, it means there is an ongoing disease in your body. With the evolution of body scans, it has become relatively easy to diagnose a disease early on. Hence, yearly wellness scans should ensure your body is healthy enough to function a few more years without disease. 

One of the most common organs most commonly affected by diseases and infections is the lungs. Therefore, it is wise to get a lung scan every now and then to ensure your lungs are in good shape. In this article, we will come across all the reasons why you should get a lung scan and how early diagnosis helps an individual in formulating a better treatment plan to cure or prevent it.

What Is a Lung Scan?

It is a scan that utilizes advanced imaging techniques to visualize the structure and function of your lungs. These scans allow timely detection of abnormalities within your lungs and help you look for better treatment plans. It helps visualize oxygen saturation and gives doctors an idea of how much your lungs are functional. These scans provide peace of mind to individuals who are afraid to die young. It helps them in giving every detail about the scan so they can be at ease. 

At ViaScan, we offer lung screening for individuals who may have the risk of developing specific lung diseases or for individuals who want to get an annual screening done to keep themselves active. When a disease is detected through these scans, this gives individuals a sense of responsibility to change their lifestyle and live a healthier life. 

Types Of Lung Screening Options Available

Usually, there are two types of lung screenings available. One is a PET Scan, and the other is a CT Scan. Both are highly reliable testing systems; however, they differ in the way they work. 

  • CT Scan: A CT scan is a computed tomography scan that takes X-ray images of your body and combines them, producing a three-dimensional image that helps you understand your organs and organ systems well. It helps in the visualization of various tissues, organs, bones, tumors, etc. 
  • PET Scan: Also known as Positron Emission Tomography, it is an advanced imaging technique that uses certain radioactive materials to detect the structure and function of your lungs. The radioactive material is injected into the body. The tracer accumulates in the cells with high metabolic activities, like cancer cells. 

Hence, lung scanning should be done as soon as possible to avoid disease progression. At ViaScan, we offer both of the Scans. We ensure that our customers get the best experience available at our centres that is both comfortable and easy to conduct. 

Role of Lung Scanning in Disease Detection 

Scans play a crucial role in detecting diseases in this era. With the evolution of diseases, our methods of detecting them have also revolutionized. The roles that different screening methods play in disease detection are as follows:

  • Detecting abnormality within the lungs like TB
  • Assessing disease progression
  • Early detection of Cancer containing cells in the lungs
  • Assessment of tumor size, shape, location and extent of spread
  • Assessing pulmonary infections like Bronchitis, Pneumonia, etc
  • Detecting lung function and related diseases like COPD
  • Identifying interstitial diseases like Sarcoidosis 
  • Beneficial for obtaining a biopsy
  • Screening patients with a high risk of developing lung diseases

What Is A Spinal Tumor?

A spinal tumor is an abnormal mass of cells that arises from the spinal cord or the spinal column. It is a dangerous tumor and should be shown to a doctor immediately. It can either occur on its own from the spinal cord and is known as a primary tumor. Or it can arise from elsewhere due to the metastasis of a tumor in another region. Spinal tumors can be either benign or malignant. Timely treatment of such a tumor is important since it can impair the daily life activities of an individual. Some of the symptoms of a spinal tumor include:

  1. Scoliosis (arching of the back)
  2. Back pain
  3. Neurological problems
  4. Weakness of muscles in different areas of the body
  5. Loss of coordination

Can You Feel A Spinal Tumor?  

Spinal tumors are usually embedded inside our spine. Giving rise to the question, i.e. “Can you feel a spinal tumor?”. Feeling a spinal tumor isn’t typically possible. However, spinal tumors can be detected through symptoms that are presented in the body for cancer like this. Some of the symptoms are muscle weakness and lack of coordination. The early detection of spinal cancer through a CT or MRI scan is necessary to prevent and remove the tumor before it gets worse. 


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