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As LED shows are greater widely used, humans have recommended better requirements for product satisfactory and show consequences. In the packaging method, traditional SMD Screen technology can no longer meet the utility desires of some situations. Based on this, a few producers have modified their packaging tune and chosen to installation COB and other technology, even as a few manufacturers have selected to improve SMD Screen technology. Among them, GOB generation is an iterative era after the improvement of the SMD packaging procedure.

GOB Technology

So with this era, can LED show merchandise acquire wider packages? What fashion will the destiny marketplace improvement of GOB display? Now, allow’s find out!

Since the development of the LED show industry, an expansion of manufacturing and packaging approaches, such as COB presentations, have emerged one after any other, from the earlier direct insertion (LAMP) method to the floor mount (SMD) technique, COB packaging technology emerged first, after which GOB packaging era emerged.


What is the COB packaging era?

COB packaging manner that it at once adheres the chip to the PCB substrate to make electrical connections. The essential cause of its creation is to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED presentations. Compared with direct plug-in and SMD Screen, it’s miles characterized via saving cash. Space, simplified packaging operations, and efficient thermal control. Currently, COB packaging is specifically utilized in a few small-pitch merchandise.


What are the advantages of COB packaging era?

Ultra-thin and light

According to the actual desires of clients, PCB boards with thicknesses starting from zero.4 to at least one.2mm can be used to lessen the burden to as a minimum one-0.33 of the preliminary traditional items, which might also assist clients keep a whole lot of cash on engineering, transportation, and structural fees.

  • Anti-collision and compression resistance
  • COB merchandise without delay encapsulate the LED chip inside the concave function of the PCB board, after which encapsulate and solidify it with epoxy resin glue. The floor of the mild spot is raised right into a raised surface, which is easy and tough, impact-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • Large viewing perspective

The COB package has a superior optical diffuse colour muddy effect, employs shallow well round luminescence, and has a viewing angle of more than a hundred seventy five stages, nearly one hundred eighty tiers.

  • High heat dissipation capacity

COB products unexpectedly transmit the wick’s warmness thru the copper foil on the PCB board by using encasing the lamp at the board. The thickness of the copper foil at the PCB board has strict system necessities, plus the immersion gold system. , will infrequently reason severe mild attenuation. Therefore, the lamp rarely dies, substantially extending the life of the lamp.

  • Wear-resistant and easy to easy

The surface of the lamp factors is raised into a spherical surface, that is smooth and hard, and is impact-resistant and put on-resistant. If there are terrible pixels, they may be repaired point by factor. If there is no mask, it may be wiped clean with water or cloth if there is dust.

  • Excellent all-weather traits

It adopts triple protection treatment, with notable effects on waterproofing, moisture, corrosion, dust, static electricity, oxidation, and ultraviolet. It meets all-weather operating conditions and can nonetheless be used commonly in a temperature difference environment of minus 30 degrees to plus 80 degrees.

What is GOB packaging technology?

GOB packaging is a packaging generation added to address the problem of LED lamp bead safety. It uses superior obvious materials to encapsulate the PCB substrate and LED packaging unit to form powerful safety. This one is equal to including a layer in front of the original Mustang LED module. It can attain high protection functions, which include waterproof, moisture-evidence, impact-proof, bump-proof, anti-static, salt-spray-proof, oxidation-evidence, blue-light-evidence, and vibration-proof.

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