LED SMD screen monitors for outside use

LED monitors for outside use

Outdoor LED screens are utilized in nearly each town these days. This reputation is explained by their extensive scope of utility:

  • Advertising media positioned in stores, purchasing centers, squares and site visitors intersections
  • Information forums at train stations and airports
  • SMD Screen for broadcasting concerts, movies, performances, vacations, sports video games

Main advantages

  •   Resistance to diverse climate

Conditions Advertising displays for outside can face up to temperature changes from -40 to +60°C, the housing does not permit water and dust particles to pass thru, dependable fastenings hold the structure in gusts of wind

  • High picture quality

The picture is displayed brightly, without shade distortion. The device adapts to mild resources (sun rays), the brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually

  • Modular design

The device includes separate blocks with an independent energy deliver. This lets in you to alternate the photograph scale and backbone

  • Versatility of use

The displays can show static photographs, brief motion pictures, lengthy films or a stay broadcast of a football fit

  • Energy Saving

LED monitors for outside advertising and marketing devour little power compared to analog gadgets

  • Durability

Thanks to reliable protection against overheating and exposure to outside elements, the gadgets will ultimate for decades

  • Easy to install, preserve and manipulate

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Large selection of fine gadget

Affordable fees for buying LED screens for outside advertising:

  • With a pixel pitch of 4; five; 6; 6.Sixty seven; eight; 10 mm
  • With brightness from 5500 to 6500 cd
  • With decision from 32×sixteen to 240×240
  • With consumption six hundred; 700; 800; 850; 900; 950 W
  • Convenient payment method
  • Discounts and promotions observe
  • Full undertaking aid: cartoon, approval, set up, programming
  • Maintenance and repair of any complexity of LED systems of any version

LED screens for interior

LED screens for the degree are a brilliant technique to make the artist’s overall performance greater vibrant. In addition, those spectators who are located at a distance might be capable of see what’s happening on the SMD screen for the stage.

By putting indoor LED SMD monitors in public locations such as buying centers, gyms, teach stations and airports, you could attain a huge quantity of humans, amongst whom there’ll definitely be representatives of your audience. Call us to order the right LED display screen!


Such systems are arranged consistent with a modular principle. Each LED SMD display screen module includes dots – pixels, which comprise an exclusive range of LEDs. When a picture is fashioned, the luminous points merge, and we see a static photo or dynamic video content.

The facts at the show come from a computer wherein this system supplied with the digital tool is installed. The software program lets in you to upload content material, create photo-in-photo and use other results, and plan video schedules. Modern computers related to LED era broadcast images from any digital media, digicam, Internet, TV tuner.


There are several kinds of LED video displays, differing in layout and scope of utility. This variety permits you to select the high-quality option for showing any images.

Cluster monitors

These shows consist of clusters – sealed blocks with one-of-a-kind numbers of LEDs. Each cluster element is equipped with a semiconductor substrate with electronic elements related to the control board. Clusters may be used to create bendy media facades installed on walls, roofs and other building elements.

The foremost drawback of such media gadgets is big clusters. Therefore, structures are set up at a distance, for instance, on top of a constructing or object located at a notable distance. Then the photograph appears harmonious.


Matrix monitors

In this layout, clusters are mixed with LEDs, a substrate and a control board. Each module is attached to an information bus via which control is performed. This makes matrix alternatives long lasting, dependable and comfy. Gradually, such video displays are replacing outdated cluster ones.

DIP monitors

In those models, the light sources are DIP mild elements, inclusive of a miniature bulb with a coloured crystal and “legs” for attachment to the matrix. The LEDs are set up at a certain distance from every different, so up close the photo breaks up into dots. But from a distance the entirety looks tremendous – the DIP factors glow brightly, the photograph seems colourful.

SMD displays

SMD media devices consist of recent-era LEDs, the bulb of which incorporates 3 crystals of primary colours. The luminous factors are installed without delay on the board – nearer than on DIP fashions, so the video photograph is targeted.

LEYARD SMD Screen is not as brilliant as DIP screens, but the photo displayed on them does no longer seem to encompass dots. This alternative is appropriate for indoor installation.

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