Outlook Unable to Open PST File – Complete Solution

As we know email is an essential part of our daily personal and professional life. We use different email clients but Outlook is the most trending desktop client among all the email clients. Outlook generates and supports  PST file format by default. But, sometimes when any user unable to open PST file in Outlook it gives an error. These PST files contain our very important data. So it is important to find the solution of these errors. In this article, we discuss the error and their solution when users of Outlook unable to open PST file. We will discuss some error-specific solutions or professional methods to solve our problem.

Some Issues When User Unable to Open PST File in Outlook 

In this section, we will discuss the major errors come when users of Outlook unable to import PST file.

Due to Security Features in Systems, Sometime Outlook Unable to Open PST File  

Sometimes antivirus and firewalls recognize PST files as bugs. That’s Why it stops Outlook from importing PST files.

The simple solution is to check the settings on your antivirus and change them or disable it for a time until you import PST to Outlook.

 Error Due to Password Protection on PST file

If the desired PST file is password protected then Outlook unable to open PST file if the user provides the wrong password. So, provide the correct password or user can remove this password protection or try again.

Unable to Open PST File in Outlook When User Stores PST from Another System Virtually 

If the user uses any application, connect two different computers virtually and store copy & paste or drag & drop PST of another computer to its computer.

The simple solution is that don’t use this type of technique for sharing the PST file. Use different methods for sharing like the use of a pen drive or storing in the cloud and restoring from that.

Corruption of Files is a Major Reason Why Outlook Unable to Open PST File

Sometimes, the PST file is not imported into Outlook because the file is corrupt. There are many reasons for the corruption of files like software conflicts, oversized PST files, any virus or malware attacks, and hardware issues.

The simple solution of this use ScanPST.exe. Which is provided by Microsoft for scan and repair of PST files.

Unable to Open PST File in Outlook Due to Permission Access 

Sometimes import fails in Outlook due to security issues. To resolve this, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to desired PST file.
  • Right-click on it. > Select properties at the top of the popup.
  • Select Edit and new popup is open
  • Select the appropriate permission (eg : Full Control and Modified)
  • The hit OK.

Try importing PST file to Outlook again.

There are the above reasons and simple solutions are not enough to  resolve the issues and  again Outlook unable to open PST file. Then, this problem is very technical that we can’t resolve with these solutions. For this type of problem, we have One of the best solution use of third-party tool. The use of the tool is considered the best solution because in this method major problems solve by the tool and we just install and add to our Outlook.

Outlook Unable to Open PST File – Professional Method

In the above method, users face difficulty and unable to open PST file in Outlook due to various other reasons. So, for safety purposes, we use SysTools AddPST Tool for importing our PST in Outlook.

This is the most trending tool in the industries and is also recommended by professionals to add your personal and business email to Outlook without any data losses and full privacy safety.

To use this tool follow these simple steps

  • First, download and install the tool in your System.
  • Save your profile PST on your new computer.
  • Open the Software.
  • Then, the main dashboard opens in which you add your desired PST file.
  • At the right, you will see the five options, select the top option which is Add files.
  • The new window is open, choose the profile PST > Select open.
  • Then this profile is visible on your software interface.
  • Hit the Add to Outlook button at the right bottom.
  • Then your profile PST starts to add in your Outlook.

This is considered the easiest and most efficient way to when user’s  Outlook unable to open PST file.

Advantage for Using This Tool

  •  Add multiple PST in your MS Outlook altogether in a batch.
  • You can add both  ANSI  and UNICODE PST file types.
  • No limitation on the number of Outlook Data files.
  • Direct add multiple PST files to the default MS Outlook profile.
  • Provide assistance to add read-only PST files into Microsoft Outlook.
  • Search PST file on selected or all drives and add them to MS Outlook.
  • IT supports Both Windows 11 , 10 , 32-bit & 64-bit versions.


In this article we discuss all the major problems which come when users of Outlook unable to open PST file. We discuss the solution with the issue but if these solutions is not  able to solve the problem then we discuss the automated solution which is considered the best, easy and hustle-free way to solve the problem when user unable to open PST file in Outlook.

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