Orbi Not Working After Reset?

I reset my Orbi! The reason was, I was continuously facing Orbi purple light issue. Apart from this issue, I was also experiencing issues while doing Orbi login. Now, when I am trying to make the most out of Orbi after resetting, it is not working. Please help!”

Don’t worry! This is the most common issue that 9 out of 10 users are experiencing across the globe. But, do not consider yourself among them because we are at your back. Here, in this article, you will get familiarized with the topmost fixes that will help you deal with Orbi not working after reset issue in a flash. Let’s get the ball rolling!

[Fixed] Orbi Not Working After Reset

Apply the below-mentioned fixes accordingly or which you find easy to deal with Orbi not working after reset problem:

Restart Your Orbi Router

You must try troubleshooting the issue by trying this most effective yet basic fix. Restarting or power cycling is known as the easiest fix to deal with any problem (big or small) linked to the Orbi device. So, without thinking much – execute the restarting process – by simply unplugging it from the power source – waiting for 3-5 minutes, and then plugging in back the Orbi again.

Once you have completed the Orbi restart process – you must wait for its power LED to become lit and green. And, after that – means after seeing stable green LED – do Orbi login to see whether the devices has started working or not.

Connect Orbi and the Satellite

Note this down – if there is no connection between your Orbi and the satellite – then also you may bump in to Orbi not working after reset issue. To make the Orbi working again – ensure to connect it to the satellite.

How to Connect Orbi and the Satellite?

You can easily connect the devices by just pressing the sync button on the Orbi and within 4-5 seconds – pressing the sync button on the satellite. While connecting the devices kindly ensure that both of them are placed at a safe distance.

Are your devices synchronized successfully? To ensure the same – kindly having a quick look at Orbi satellite colors.

Check Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection must be working smoothly and your Orbi must be connected to your internet modem via Ethernet cable. Keep in mind – wonky internet connection or no connectivity between your Orbi and the internet modem can lead to the Orbi not working after reset. So, what you can do – connect your Orbi router to the internet modem firmly and call your ISP to fix internet-related issue for you (if any).

Perform Orbi Setup

After resetting, you must install your Orbi in order to make the most out of it. Perhaps you haven’t configured the Orbi after resetting. And, if you have configured it – you haven’t followed the instructions correctly. Don’t sweat over it! We will provide you the easiest method following which the Orbi setup process will be a walk in the park for you. So, refer to this term and know how to set up Orbi using Orbi app.

Update Orbi Firmware

We really hope that the fixes we have outlined will help you make the Orbi work back again. If yes, then there is one more tip that we would like to share with you all. A beneficial tip that will help in boosting the performance of your Orbi to great extent, fix bugs, and overcome a number of technical issues with it. And, the tip is to perform Orbi firmware update process on a regular basis.

No worries! Performing Orbi firmware update process is not rocket science. Just do Orbi login – access the firmware update page, and follow the given instructions to update the latest firmware version on your Orbi device.

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