My Netgear Extender is Not Broadcasting SSID. What to Do?

All the networking devices have their own SSIDs. Through the SSID of any router or extender a person can connect his/her WiFi client devices like mobile phones or laptops and thereby to the internet. However, in recent days, a number of Netgear extender users have complained about facing a weird problem. They say that their Netgear extender is not broadcasting SSID. Well, this usually happens when the user accidentally disables the SSID broadcast by accessing the mywifiext URL. Therefore, if you too are facing this problem, we recommend you enable the extender’s SSID broadcast. Check out the next section to learn what to do.

Enable the Netgear Extender SSID Broadcast

If your PC is already present on the extender’s network, you can load an internet browser. Otherwise, before that, we suggest you create a wired connection between the extender and your computer. Once done, follow the instructions highlighted below:

  • Go to mywifiext.local or simply access
  • Once you land on the login page, enter the valid username and password.
  • Click Log In.
  • You will now get redirected to the dashboard, also known as, the STATUS page of your Netgear range extender.
  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Go to Wireless Settings and check if the Broadcast this Network Name checkbox is selected.
  • If not, select the box and save the changes.

The extender will now start broadcasting the SSID. You can start connecting your wireless clients to its network. On the off-chance, the SSID broadcast is already enabled and you are still facing issues related to the same, you need to navigate to the techniques given in the next section. Using some of them involves accessing the login address. Thus, ensure to keep a web browser handy.

Solved: Netgear Extender Not Broadcasting SSID

  1. Restart the Extender

May be it is just a glitch due to which your extender is not broadcasting the SSID. Well, you should not worry in this case. It is very easy to resolve technical bugs. A simple hack of rebooting the extender can help you do that. You have to disconnect the devices (wired) from the extender. Turn off the WiFi Utility of those who are wirelessly present on the extender’s network. Once done, locate the extender’s power button and press it. You need to now wait for 15 minutes. Power up the extender once again and now reconnect your wired devices. Check if you are able to see the SSID of your range extender on the network list.

  1. Check the Extender’s Location

There is chance that your Netgear range extender is located in an area where its WiFi signals are getting interfered. Check the surroundings of your extender. Can you spot a fridge placed near it? Oh snap! This is the reason why your Netgear extender’s signals are unable to reach your devices and hence its SSID. To fix things, we recommend you keep your extender away from such electronic gadgets. To name more, you should keep your extender far from televisions, microwave ovens, treadmills, washing machines, etc. Do not place it close to objects containing a large amount of water or metal objects either.

  1. Update the Firmware

There are occasions when an outdated firmware of the range extender can also result in the problem you are facing. Perhaps, you have met the same fate. Hence, without further ado, open a web browser on the computer. Your computer or laptop is supposed to be hardwired to your Netgear extender. Go to You will have to log in now. Provide valid admin details and choose the Firmware Update option under settings. If you’ve downloaded the firmware file, upload it by clicking the Browse button. Otherwise, you can check for the firmware update online by selecting the Check Now button. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the latest firmware version on your range extender.

To Sum Up

There can be a number of reasons due to the Netgear extender does not broadcast SSID. It is expected that after taking the help of this post, you will be able to resolve the problem like it was never in existence. Just in case you are still struggling to make things positive, be ready to perform a factory default reset of the extender and setting it up once again from scratch. The reset process can be carried out by pressing the Reset button and you can set up the extender using the WPS method.

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