How to Export Outlook Emails to PDF? Simple steps!

Ways to Export Outlook Emails to PDF

Microsoft only provides the Print option to save as PDF but it doesn’t have any specific option to batch print emails into PDF format. However, In this blog, we will provide you with multiple solutions to export Outlook emails to PDF format using manual and automated workarounds.

Since PDF is a portable format, sharing or transferring data between different platforms. Password protection and encryption are two ways to secure PDFs. Many users are prompted to store their Outlook PST emails in PDF format for these and other reasons. Additionally, users can access Outlook emails on any device even without the Outlook application by storing PST files in PDF format.

This blog shows you 5 methods to Outlook emails as PDF files or convert Outlook data files to PDF.

Method 1: Print Outlook email to save it as a PDF.

  1. Open the email you wish to convert in Outlook first.
  2. Select the File tab from the ribbon after that.
  3.  Choose Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer by clicking the Print button.
  4. .Click Print Options.
  5. : Click the Print button after selecting the option.
  6.  The window labeled “Save Print Output As” appears.
  7. Click, type the file name, and select the saving place.

Method 2: Use a web browser to Export Outlook Emails to PDF.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Locate and open the email that you want a PDF version of.
  3. After the email opens, select ‘Save As’ from the list of possibilities by clicking on the ‘File’ menu at the top of the Outlook window.
  4. Choose HTML from the ‘Save as type’ selection menu, then press the ‘Save’ button.
  5. Find the HTML file you recently saved, then launch it in the web browser of your choice.
  6. Click the print dialog box in the browser by pressing Ctrl+P while the email is open as a web page.
  7. Locate and choose ‘Save as PDF’ from the ‘Destination’ dropdown menu in the print dialog box.
  8. You will be prompted to select a location to save your PDF file in a new dialog box after selecting ‘Save as PDF’ as your destination.
  9. Click ‘Save’ after selecting an appropriate place and giving the PDF file name.

Method 3: Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert Outlook data files to PDF

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC program, which is provided by Adobe Acrobat, to export Outlook emails to PDF format. It is compatible with Outlook as a plug-in. The procedures to convert emails from PST files to PDF format are as follows:

  1. Set up Adobe Acrobat for Outlook first.
  2. Click the Adobe PDF or Acrobat tab in the ribbon of Outlook after it has opened.
  3. Choose the emails that require conversion to PDF format.
  4. Click the Adobe PDF’s Selected Messages button.
  5.  Select and Create a New PDF file from the drop-down menu by clicking on it. A new saving window will open.
  6. Select the place for saving, enter the name of the PDF file, and click the Save
  7. You can save new emails in an already-existing PDF file using the software.
  8. You must choose the “Append to existing PDF” option from the dropdown menu to accomplish this.

Note: In Microsoft Outlook, the Adobe Acrobat tab occasionally disappears. You must make sure you have the most recent version of Microsoft Outlook installed for it to be enabled with Adobe Acrobat.

Method 4:

Save outlook data file to pdf on Mac

  1. On a Mac, you can save Outlook emails as PDFs by using the Print option.
  2. Open the email you wish to save as a PDF in Outlook.
  3.  Confirm your selection by clicking File > Print.
  4. Choose Save as PDF from the drop-down menu under Destination.
  5. Save the Outlook message as a PDF file and give it a name.

Method 5 : Use a third-party tool to convert Outlook data files to PDF with All Email Attachments

Third-party software can also be used to convert Outlook data file to PDF files. A few popular tools are:
One powerful tool that converts PST files to PDF format is SysTools Outlook PST to PDF Converter. Without causing any data loss, the program may save Outlook to PDF. you can convert Outlook data files to PDF without any data loss.

  1. To get started, you’ll need to download, install, and open the software on your Windows computer. Once it’s up and running, simply click on the Add File button located on the home window. This will allow you to download Outlook emails as PDF files.
  2. Opt for either the Select File or Search File option to upload individual PST files or multiple PST files simultaneously.
  3. Preview emails and other Outlook PST file data within the software and click on Export. preview and click export
  4. Select PDF format and click on Advanced Settings to save Outlook Email as PDF with additional settings.
  5. You can select the required options:
  • General Settings: Page Layout: Margin (Left, Right, Top, Bottom), Paper Orientation, Pager Size, Add Anything in Header and Footer.
  • Manage Attachments: Attachment on Pin, Append Attachment, Save Attachment.

6. Bates Number: Bates Number Format (Prefix, Suffix, Start Number, Font, Number of Digits, Increment By, Font Size), Position (Top, Bottom), Date Stamp, and Date Format. Save Outlook email as a pdf with attachments

7. Browse the path to save the output PDF file and click on the Export button to download Outlook emails in PDF file.


In this blog, we understood the multiple ways of converting Outlook data files to PDF. All the ways mentioned here are easy to use and understand. The step-by-step guide will help you to understand how to convert Outlook data files to pdf

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

  1. why should you export Outlook emails to PDF?

Exporting Outlook emails to PDF has Multiple advantages. PDF is a portable format, making it easy to share or transfer emails across different platforms, PDF files are password-protected and encrypted which increases security by Converting Outlook emails to PDF

2. Can I convert multiple Outlook data files to PDF at once time?

Yes, we can convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF using various methods mentioned in the article. Tools like Systool PST to PDF converter for Outlook and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC allow batch conversion of emails, saving you time and effort. These tools enable you to select and save multiple emails from your Outlook PST file into a single PDF document.

3. How can I convert Outlook data files to PDF on the Mac?

If you are using a Mac, you can save Outlook emails as PDFs using the Print option. Simply open the email you want to save, go to File > Print, and choose ‘Save as PDF’ as the destination. This method allows Mac users to convert Outlook emails to PDF without the need of third-party software.

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