How Is The Value Of Rolex Impacted In The Pre-Owned Watch Market

When you own a Rolex, whether it’s a brand new model or a pre-owned one, it means you own a piece of luxury, a piece of aesthetic art crafted meticulously and a piece of innovation. Having a Rolex in your collection brings prestige and it’s an achievement in itself. Over time, a Rolex can maintain its value and some limited edition models can even fetch you significantly high returns on investment. You must be wondering how to know the accurate market value of your luxury timepiece. Watch appraisal is the best way to find out the accurate market value of your coveted piece.

What Makes Rolex So Expensive?

When you get a Rolex appraisal done by an expert, he will use various factors to determine the true market value of your precious timepiece. So, what makes this brand’s watch so expensive? It is not just a machine to tell time. It is also not just an accessory to make a fashion statement. In the world of horology, a Rolex timepiece is an example of horology at its best.

Each piece depicts state of the art innovation. Crafted using Swiss watchmaking techniques along with the latest technology, each of these wristwatches is known for premium quality and unmatched precision.

The brand uses 904L stainless steel with a smooth polish. The gold is also of high quality alloy mix, specially created for the brand. Gemstones such as sapphire crystals are sourced from the best place. Premium quality leather is used for the straps. Stringent quality control during the manufacturing process results in excellent finesse. And that’s why a Rolex is so expensive.

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Factors Affecting The Value of Rolex In The Pre-Owned Market

Do you know many Rolex models fetch a much higher premium in the pre-owned watch market than their retail price? Numerous factors impact the worth of a luxury timepiece in the pre owned watch market. Let’s know about them:

Limited Editions & Rare Models: Limited edition and rare models of Rolex wrist watches sell for a very high premium due to demand and scarcity. The brand keeps on introducing newer models. This results in more desire among watch collectors to buy the discontinued models. Thus such models are sold at much higher prices in the second hand market than their original value. Many of the Rolex models such as the Explorer II and the Submariner have been discontinued, surging their demand in the second hand market.

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Desirable Models: Some of the models become iconic and timeless and are highly desired by watch collectors and enthusiasts. Thus their premium rises exponentially. Rolex Daytona is one example of a desirable model that is traded on the pre owned market at double the retail price of a new piece.

Vintage Models: Vintage models that were launched and manufactured during the 1950s and 1970s are considered collectable pieces. This makes their prices go high in the pre owned watch market.

Vintage models are those that were manufactured around three to four decades ago or even before that. So the references crafted during the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s and 1950s are considered vintage.

Models from the 50s, 60s and early 70s have great historical significance and are preferred by collectors, making them valuable. Examples of such wristwatches include Cosmograph Daytona, Submariner and GMT Master.

Long Waitlist: Models with long waitlists become more in demand because of the lack of supply. When such models are not available at retailers, watch enthusiasts and collectors readily buy pre owned timepieces, paying high premiums for them.

Limited production of certain references and their huge demand lead to exponential hikes in the prices. Watch collectors are ready to shell it out. A few of the examples include GMT Master II, Submariner and Daytona.

After reading the article, you must have understood what factors affect the value of Rolex in the pre owned watch market. To know the correct worth of your model in the market, you need to seek help from watch appraisal services.

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