Jewelry Appraisal: Certified Appraisal Company vs Store Valuers

If you have a beautiful collection of gold and diamond jewelry, then getting jewelry appraisal done once every few years is recommended. There are several reasons why jewelry appraisal is required, such as when you want to sell your piece, for estate management or insurance purposes.

You should be aware of the accurate value of your jewelry collection. But the question most people ask is where to get their jewelry appraised.

Are valuers at the store from where I bought the jewelry good enough? Should I get my jewelry valuation done by a professional and certified appraisal company?

Let’s answer all your queries in this article.

Professional Certified Appraiser Company

A professional certified appraiser company is the best way to get your coveted jewelry pieces appraised. First of all, the appraisal document they will create will not be biased as they will not have any vested interest. Also, they are professionals who have the knowledge and are certified to value coveted diamond, gold and platinum jewelry pieces, whether modern, vintage or antique. If you want to get a valuation done from the comfort of your home, then you can opt for jewelry appraisal online.

Let’s see how they will evaluate your jewelry and find out the true market value of your pieces:

  1. Equipment for appraisal: They use state of the art equipment to professionally assess the pieces and find out their accurate market value.
  2. Unbiased Assessment: As a certified appraiser company is not into buying or selling jewelry, they will be unbiased in their decision. You can rely on them and the appraisal certificate that they will provide will be accepted by your insurance company as well.
  3. Professional Analysis: They are experienced and hence you can rest assured that your jewelry pieces will be professionally appraised. They will analyze all factors such as quality of diamonds, gems and metal used, including their weight. They will check the authentication certificate and condition of the piece. The item will be thoroughly examined.
  4. International Standards: A professional and certified company will comply with global standards. The appraisal document provided by them will be recognized globally.

Store Jewelry Appraisal

The store from where you have purchased your jewelry pieces may also provide appraisal services. The experience level of appraisers at the store might vary. They might not be qualified, or accredited and even the appraisal document might not be certified.

Their appraised value might be biased as they also sell and buy jewelry pieces. They might be ready to buy your items but at a lower price.

It might be easier to get the appraisal done by them at the time of buying the jewelry piece. But you need to check their expertise, whether they are qualified to appraise or not. Whether they have state of the art equipment for valuation or not?

They might not offer specialized appraisal services, such as valuation for estate management or divorce settlement. They might just offer appraisals for reselling and insurance purposes. So, better to confirm beforehand, what is their expertise level and what they can do for you.

The Factors That Affect The Value of Your Jewelry

The quality of diamonds and the purity of gold or any other precious metal used impact the value. The weight of the precious metal and number of diamonds and gemstones used are also important. What type of gemstones have been used such as emeralds, sapphires or any other precious stones are also taken into account. The brand name and the craftsmanship of the piece also impact its value. Hallmarks, branding, condition and rarity are other factors that are taken into account.

Final Verdict

Appraisal companies offer certified documents and hence they are any day better than jewelry stores. Their report will not be biased and will be easily accepted by most of the insurance companies around the world. Such professional companies have the expertise to appraise various types of intricate jewelry pieces. You can expect expert guidance along with precision and accuracy. They will use state of the art equipment and adhere to international standards. This means that you will get to know the accurate valuation of your coveted jewelry.

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