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How Do You Keep Your Curly Wig From Sweating And Building Up Product?

Everybody loves summers because of such a vibrant environment, but we can be honest that everybody is also irritated with the dripping sweat and skin rashes with the scorching sun. So, in case you are the person who is wearing kinky curly wig for multiple hours on a sunny day, it can be pretty hectic to deal with the sweat and the product buildup. So, how to tackle it in the easiest ways possible is mentioned in this blog. So be ready to learn it all.

After Maths Of Sweaty And Dirty Kinky Curly Wigs

Afro Kinky Curly Wig
Cleaning Afro Kinky Curly Wig

If you profusely sweat a lot in your kinky wig and are not able to manage the heavy sweating or have a regular cleanup, you can come across multiple problems like

  • Stubborn Tangles

Due to sweat, the hair can create stubborn knots that can give a lot of tangled and frizzy hair look. It might get sweaty and sticky to the extent that the hair is glued together, which can create strong knots.

  • Hair Loss

When you wear your wig, the chances are there that you might sweat a lot, so the hair attached to the rest of your wavy wigs might start getting loosened up and start shedding after sometime. So if you profusely sweat with your way, the volume of your kinky, curly hair roots can become loose after some time.

  • Smelly Wig

It is obvious that if you have a sweaty wig, the smell of the sweat can mess up the texture and extensions. It will have a very pungent smell to it, which is challenging to cope with after some time.

  • Short Life

The sweaty kinky curly hair wigs can not stay in good shape for the longest. Firstly, you will see a lot of frizziness, the hair volume will become very low, and the texture will be highly damaged. That is why the shelf life of kinky curly hair wigs reduces to 50%.

  • Skin Infections

Well, this is the repercussion that you and your skin can face. If you continuously wear the sweaty damp, curly hair wig with a lot of buildups, the chances are there that your skin can get infected. Issues like fungal infections, severe itchiness, or spot balding could happen.

Easy Tips To Avoid Sweat In Curly Wigs

 kinky curly lace front wig
Protecting Kinky Curly Lace Front Wig

Summer is a natural phenomenon, and sweating is noticeable, but there are some smart tips and hacks. You can follow these, so your wigs stay sweat free for the longest.

  • Limit Heat Styling

Your kinky curly hair wig is already facing a lot of heat from the sun, do not multiply it by using a lot of heat styling products that can further strip away the moisture and become more prone to sweating.

  • Use Heat protectants

When you go out, use a heat protectant spray that includes SPF to save the texture. Also, if you really want to heat style kinky your curly hair wigs, the heat protectant can be a great savior.

  • Don’t Wear Caps

If you wear caps with your kinky, curly hair wigs, the chances are there that you might suffocate your hair more because your scalp is left with no space to have ventilation. It could lead to more sweating. So the caps are a big no. If you want to wear caps, use the ones that provide a lot of ventilation.

  • Plan Your outings

In the Summer season, you need to schedule your meet-ups. Try to avoid the meetings in the afternoon as that is when the sun shines the brightest. So if you plan your morning or evening events, you and your kinky curly hair wig are all good.

Easy Tips To Avoid Product Buildup In Kinky Curly Wigs

No more Product Buidups
No More Product Buidups

Continuously wearing kinky curly hair wigs will get some product buildup with time. But these simple steps will keep your kinky curly hair wig fresh for the maximum time.

  • Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a very easy, safe option to keep your kinky curly hair and wigs clean. If you can’t spend much time washing them, let them air dry naturally. Use dry shampoo. Just a few sprays and all the grease will be gone.

  • Tissue Dabbing

Kinky curly hair wigs create a lot of product buildup because the oils secreted from the scalp get together on the base of kinky curly hair wigs and create stuff buildup. So if you frequently, with the help of your finger, do that dabs using tissue, the wig will stay clean.

  • Washing Schedules

You should wash your curly hair wig on the days when you have made a special time to clean your wigs. So you need to set schedules for that. Generally, you can set a schedule to wash your week after 10 to 15 years.

  • Intuitive Oiling

In the summers, the oils are naturally more secreted out, which is why you need to oil your kinky curly hair wigs when you feel the roughness and dryness in your hair. So only oil them when your wig is asking for it. We recommend using light base oil, such as avocado, aloe vera, or Almond oil, to nourish them.


Here we are at the end of the blog with some very convenient tips to keep kinky curly hair wigs away from sweat and product buildup. Because if you do not keep them well in the summer, the out-of-control sweat can also create many problems for you. So, firstly, try to buy the kinky curly hair wigs with a mesh lace base that allows your ventilation and is made of human hair so that the washing and product applied on them becomes much more convenient for you. Rest and enjoy the summers because kinky curly hair wigs can add a lot of flare to your look.

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