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Your Ultimate Guide to Stylish Wigs at My Parfait

Every woman needs a wig to cater to her particular need, whether it be due to balding hair, thinning hair or simply a need for a change in style. Wigs are a versatile tool and, when cared for correctly, an economical tool to make all your style dreams come true. They come in many different textures, colors, styles and lengths; whatever you wish, they can comply.

Explore a range of heavily discounted quality wigs made from human hair that make you shine and stand out above everyone else. Before you start shopping, learn about the variety of wigs you can invest in this fall. Find the right wig for you, and pull off any look effortlessly.

Here are the different styles of wigs to look out for:

Wavy Wigs

wavy wigs is perfect for you if you are looking to add volume to your hair without spending too much time maintaining it. A deep wave adds a fuller look to your hair and makes you look fabulous.  A wavy wig is relatively low maintenance compared to a straight wig, it enhances your natural beauty and is great for people with a round face as it adds movement and dimension.

Wavy wigs can be found in long or short wigs, but they look best in a medium length as it adds the most dimension and is easier to style in comparison to short wavy hair.

A wavy hair wig is an economical solution to your hair loss problems when bought from a quality brand and the biggest holiday sale, My Parfait’s sales.

Straight Wigs 

Kinky Straight Wig
Kinky Straight Wig

Straight wigs are great for a person with an oval, diamond or elongated face, as it reduces the amount of dimension added yet pulls attention to the face. Straight hair wigs made from human hair look natural and shiny.  Straight wigs are versatile and can be molded into many styles per your needs. They lack a particular personality that can be compensated by styling it in different hairstyles. They carry a certain fierce and bold look about them.

Therefore, a straight wigs is perfect if you’re looking for a natural yet low-maintenance and effortless look. If you would like it to blend in better with your natural hair, there is also a market for kinky straight wigs that stand out from the rest!

Curly Wigs 

Kinky Curly HD Lace Wigs
Kinky Curly HD Lace Wigs

Curly lace front wigs are high maintenance yet gorgeous. These wigs have to be cared for in a particular way, but they add a sense of playfulness to any look. Whether made of synthetic or human hair, short curly wigs can mimic natural hair elegantly. Short curly lace front wigs are economical as they last long and are made of quality hair.

Curly hair is best for people with a square-shaped face, as it helps bring attention to the center of the face rather than the jaw. Regardless of whether you wear loose or tight curls, the volume added by the curly lace front wigs is constant. They are worth the maintenance effort!  curly wigs last the longest when bought from a quality brand; these curly lace front wigs are heavily discounted, too! Making them an affordable and glamorous option.


Whether you choose to sport a short curly wig, a kinky straight bob wig or a long wavy wig, you are sure to look fabulous. A wig is perfect if trying different hairstyles is your jam, but making long-term commitments isn’t! A wig’s unique selling point is the ability to try any style without worrying about committing too long.

My Parfait offers a variety of human hairstyles in numerous styles and lengths. You can choose from any of these styles and get a discount to embark on your wig journey today! Make sure to check out My Parfait and its incredible range of wigs in all the styles you can imagine. From curly to straight, My Parfait has it all!

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