How do Students Get More PPT Design Templates?

Where to Start the Quest

So, you are probably thinking, “From where can I get PPT templates in such a vast digital universe?” There are several resources to explore, and the internet is your reliable guide in this PPT journey. 

  • Microsoft Office Online

Let’s start with the most common site that pops up in your mind while talking about PPT Templates- Microsoft Office. It’s the most common site to search for your PPT templates. You can find thousands of free online templates on the PowerPoint app or their website. Choose your favourite template and customize it as per your needs. Hence, Microsoft Online is your best buddy in this quest for PPT templates.

  • Template Marketplaces

But wait, there is more! Ever heard of template marketplaces? These are online platforms where talented designers showcase their talent. They upload the custom templates they made, and you can choose from hundreds of them. There are unlimited PPT templates ready to be found. Some such websites include Envato Elements, Graphic River, and Creative Market, which are like PPT design wonderlands. Therefore, it’s regarded as the PPT heaven. So, choose your favourite template now and customize it as you want.

  • Design Communities

Want to hear a secret? There are different design communities and forums online, like Behance or Dribble, where design enthusiasts hang out. Designers often share their creations here for feedback or just to spread creative love. Sometimes, you might even find a designer offering its template for free! So, what’s better than finding your own exclusive design and that too for free? It’s not even common, as you might be the only one getting that exclusive PPT template.

  • DIY Adventures

Do you have a creative mind? So, why don’t you create your personalized PPT template? PowerPoint offers numerous tools to help people create their very own templates on PowerPoint that are exclusively created for you by yourself. Hence, why don’t you try it yourself and customize your template according to your needs? 

Key Search Terms are Your Allies

When you are on the hunt, don’t forget your trusty search terms. Be specific! Use keywords like “professional PPT templates,” “creative PPT designs,” or “free PPT templates for business.” Using the right keywords is the key. Hence, it’s crucial that you stay specific while searching for PPT templates. Typing the right keyword helps you find the right templates that are relevant to your needs. Thus, it saves you time.

The Art of Selection

When selecting the best template, you must ensure that it fulfils your needs and requirements and is relevant to your task and audience. So, when you find the best one for you, take time to ensure that it tick every box of your requirements. Therefore, selecting the right template for your presentation is an important task too.

Other Resources

 Sometimes, the best templates might not scream “PowerPoint” at first glance. Websites offering design resources like Canva or Adobe Spark might surprise you with templates that can be easily adapted for PPT. So, don’t be afraid to explore beyond the typical PPT template hubs! Look out for other options that you can customize as per your requirements.

PowerPoint Template Assistance

Wait, your quest just doesn’t end here. If you still haven’t found what you need, then you can always explore services like PowerPoint Design Company to help you customize your very own template as per your requirements. They offer personalized services to their clients and create templates that align with your ideas.


Phew! That was such an amazing adventure. We have explored so many resources from where you can get your desired PPT template. So, you don’t need to worry about your PPT template anymore, as you are now familiar with a lot of such platforms that will help you find your perfect template.

Obviously, finding the right template is always important. The visual appearance of your PPT is like a cherry on top. It’s the most important thing in any template. So, you must ensure that it looks visually appealing.

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