Advancing Immunogenicity Testing with Cutting-Edge MSD Cytokine Assays

MSD Cytokine Assay
MSD Cytokine Assay

Cytokines are signaling proteins secreted by immune cells. The primary function of cytokines is to coordinate cell  growth, proliferation, and differentiation.  Cytokines have numerous functions, including inflammation, angiogenesis, tumorigenesis, immune cell differentiation, innate and adaptive immunity, immunobiology, and pathogenesis. Today it is well known that dysregulation of cytokine expression is the underlying cause of numerous inflammatory and immunological diseases.

Meso Scale Discovery multiplex assays have emerged as a promising tool for cytokine analysis and immunogenicity testing. With options such as MSD cytokine assay and NAb assay development, MSD multiplex ELISA assays are advancing immunogenicity testing in numerous ways. Let us dive deep and understand this cutting-edge technology. 

Advances in immunogenicity testing

Intracellular signaling is a vital field in biology research. Extracellular data should be accurately translated into intracellular responses. These complex signaling cascades are crucial for regulation, proliferation, secretion, and apoptosis. MSD offers bioanalytical assays to support intracellular signaling research. These multiplex and singleplex assays can measure phosphoproteins and ubiquitinated proteins to evaluate intracellular signaling cascades. 

Immunogenicity testing is crucial for biopharmaceutical drug development. The US FDA has strict regulatory requirements for developing and validating ADA assays. Such stringent recommendations require more tolerant and robust methods. Over time, Meso Scale Discovery multiplex assays have emerged as a promising tool for assessing anti-drug antibodies during immunogenicity testing. MSD assays have a broader dynamic range, enhanced therapeutic tolerance, and increased sensitivity.

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MSD multiplex ELISA assay supports immunogenicity testing with

  • Superior sensitivity
  • Exceptional precision
  • Minimal interference
  • Flexible platform
  • High drug tolerance
  • Broad dynamic range

Besides, MSD offers multiple assay development kits, reagents, and plates for immunogenicity testing. These products have exceptional consistency and are qualified for precision and reproducibility. Their immunogenicity products include:

MSD Gold Streptavidin plates – industry standard plates for enhanced performance, convenience, and consistency

MSD Gold Sulfo-tag conjugates – stable and easy to prepare conjugate for enhanced sensitivity

MSD gold read buffer – easy-to-use buffer with greater consistency

U Plex development and ELISA conversion packs – customized solutions for designing and developing tailored immunoassay

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MSD offers services for every immunogenicity need, such as neutralizing antibodies, assay drug reagents, conjugated antibodies, and custom assay plates. Their services include:

Conjugation – in-depth knowledge and expertise in manufacturing reagents for conjugating biomolecules with Sulfo-tag labels or biotin. Besides, scientists specifically characterize your conjugate of interest and provide the certificate of analysis. 

Assay Development – sponsors can make use of MSD’s expertise to develop immunogenicity assays with specific applications

Prototype printing – MSD offers prototype printing for coating MSD plates with materials of your choice

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Moreover, MSD multiplex ELISA assay follows the US FDA guidelines of a multi-tiered approach for immunogenicity testing. The US FDA recommends following a multi-tiered approach beginning with screening assays, followed by confirmatory assays to confirm positive results, and finally, characterizing assays such as NAb assays. MSD offers customized assays for each type of immunogenicity testing protocol. 

In conclusion

MSD multiplex ELISA assays are robust tools for advancing immunogenicity testing. Besides, cutting-edge MSD cytokine assays help researchers understand the underlying communication pathways between cell signaling molecules. These state-of-the-art applications have helped scientists understand several normal and diseased biological pathways and advanced our understanding of biomedical and scientific applications. 

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