Many popular email clients such as Thunderbird and Apple Mail use the EML format for storing email messages. EML files are convenient for these email clients but it can be a challenging task when users want to share it at different platforms due to compatibility issues. To address this, convert EML file to text is necessary. Text format is universally accessible, making it easier to share email content on various platforms and devices.

In this article, we will explore methods to convert EML to text format. We discuss both manual and automated methods. By the end of this article, you will be clear about how to convert EML files to text format, enabling you to share email content seamlessly across different platforms.

Why Convert EML to TXT Format?

  • The text file is compatible with every email client.
  • Text works with every operating System.
  • It is safe and preserved data.
  • It helps us to save every type of data.
  • It stores information without formatting.

Different Ways by Which You Can – Convert EML File to Text

Now, we can discuss the several ways to save EML to TXT format. We use some manual methods and some methods in which we need an automated tool.

You can use it according to your choice.

Method 1: Convert EML to TXT Using Thunderbird

For this method, you have to install the Mozilla Thunderbird in your System.

Open the Thunderbird application in your system.
Import file on the Thunderbird, Right-click on the local folder go to “ImportExport tools NG” then go to the import message.
Select the email in the system and add files. Your EML file is imported into the email client Interface.
Now transfer the import file into the plain text.
Right-click on the message to be converted, then save the selected message, then click on plain text format.
Choose the path where you want to save the text files.
Click on select folder.

** Drawback with This Method**

It does not export the attachments with the message. In this process you have to vary patience with each step if you make a single mistake it leads to data loss.

To overcome this problem we automated tools with these tools is easy and safe.

Method 2: Convert EML file to text format Using Notepad

  • Go to your EML file .
  • Select your EML file and Right-click on that
  • Now, select Open with > Notepad.
  • When your file is open in the notepad.
  • Go file option and click on save as option.
  • You can choose name and path of the file in which you want to save this file.
  • Now, you can save as TXT file format.


Limitation of this Method

EML file can contain a rich-formatting, attachment and other items. while saving as .TXT it will remove all formation.
User can loss the metadata of sender such as recipient , subject and timestamp.
Attachment will not be include in text file. So , user need to save attachments separately.

Method 3: Convert EML File to Text by Using Professional Tool and Technique

SysTools EML Converter   is a professional tool that allows us to Convert EML to TXT format without any data loss. The unique feature of this is that with this tool users are able to convert multiple EML files to TXT plain format with attachments and users can also export files to cloud-based mail servers like Office 365, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Opera mail.

Steps to Use Automated Tool:

  • Download and install this software.
  • Open this application in your system.
  • It scans your file structure which is visible on the left side bar.
  • Go to the folder and select the desired file.

Note: At the main dashboard you can preview the selected file in different modes.

  • Click on Export, and a new popup will open.
  • Choose the TEXT and browse the path where you want to save your converted file.
  • Hit on Export.
  • Now, the process of conversion will start.

Why Use This Tool to Convert EML File to Text Format?

  • It maintains the same folder structure after the conversion.
  • It provides the same page layout options to edit the result if the user wants.
  • It also provides naming conventions and Date Numbers to set the page number.
  • Allow us to provide us to apply the Date filter to options to convert the selected EML to TXT format.
  • Provide the batch conversion of EML files to TXT format.
  • It provides “Multiple Preview Options” to view the EML file into TXT format.
  • It also gives various options to convert different formats like MSG, HTML, MBOX, NSF, MHT, TEXT, AND Office 365.


As discussed above, Both manual and automated methods for Convert EML to TXT format. Users can use by their own choice which is suitable to solve their problem. Manual method is good but it is time-consuming and has more steps. Whereas, the automated method is easy and hustle-free to convert EML file to text.

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