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Click, Order, Cheer: Food Delivery Apps Supercharge IPL

Cricket is not just a sport but an emotion for Indians, and it is what binds us all together. The IPL season is no less than an annual festival for Indians. It unites fans all over the country and gets them to celebrate this seven-week-long tournament. During this time, businesses and brands grab the opportunity and sell their services and products by aligning them with the theme. The IPL season particularly benefits food delivery apps the most.

The IPL tournament particularly benefits the food industry, as food is the best company to watch the IPL with.

How the Online Food Industry Leverages the IPL Season

Offering exclusive deals and discounts: Every year, the IPL season brings a great opportunity for the food industry. Cricket enthusiasts order snacks and other food items on a huge scale. The online food industry witnesses a huge spike in demand during the season, so in order to earn more profits, they have started customizing discounts and deals for the season.

IPL themed menus: Participating teams in the IPL are such as Delhi Capitals, Gujarat Titans, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Lucknow Super Giants, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bengaluru, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Therefore, we can expect food menus to be based on these themes or to be named after these teams.

Instant Delivery: Cricket fans are usually hooked on the game as long as it is going on, and therefore, they demand snacks be delivered to them at their doorsteps within a few minutes. Fans keep ordering spontaneously throughout the game, and online food delivery services keep fulfilling them instantly.

Engagement on Social Media: Online food delivery platforms create relevant ads and social media content to attract their fans’ attention and improve engagement. This helps them strengthen their bonds with customers and turn them into loyal customers. One of the most common ways to bond with customers is by creating memes on IPL and fostering a sense of unity.

Here are some of the most common destinations for ordering food online:

Domino’s: Domino’s is seen customising meals and offers every year for IPL. Previously, it has rolled out offers like “Super Spinner Offer” and “HOWZZAT” offers.

Similarly, other food chains like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s are also seen hopping on the trend every year.

Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut has previously offered “Pizza Hut IPL offers” and IPL meal combos like “FUNTASTIC 4” and “HUT TREAT.”

McDonald’s: McDonald’s partners with the IPL teams and curates signature meals. For instance, “Punjab Kings Meals.” Along with this, McDonald’s rolls out many offers and discounts during the IPL season.

HathMe: The HathMe food delivery app is a recent addition to the online food delivery industry and shows potential. This is thriving because it provides quality at incredibly low prices. HathMe has made it easier for retailers to accomplish this by eliminating registration fees, cutting commission rates, offering free meal delivery, and releasing their payments in just four days. HathMe’s merchants are able to provide their goods at competitive pricing, and customers gain from all of these advantages that the company offers to its merchants.

Customers of the HathMe food delivery app may enjoy a number of benefits, including timely delivery, an extensive menu of restaurants to choose from, a variety of payment methods, including card, cash, UPI, and net banking, and lastly, real-time tracking of their orders.

Zomato: The services of the popular food ordering platform Zomato are available in several cities in India. It serves as a restaurant-finding app as well. Zomato has amassed over 100 million users in its sixteen years of existence. Zomato has gathered a vast amount of consumer data, which is incredibly helpful when providing personalised recommendations to users.

In addition to regular offers and discounts, there are choices for reviews and feedback. And there are various ways to pay, including card, cash on delivery, wallet, pay later, net banking, and UPI.

Swiggy: Swiggy has a reputation for being one of India’s fastest food delivery services. The Swiggy app has a very straightforward yet stylish user interface. There are many alternatives to pick from on the menu, and it is simple to use. Over the years, it has partnered with more than three lac establishments and garnered a huge number of users. Similar to Zomato, Swiggy will assist you in expanding your customer base. It functions across the entirety of India.

Features provided by Swiggy include live order monitoring, quick delivery, offers, round-the-clock customer service, “one membership,” and a variety of payment methods.

The above-mentioned food delivery apps will definitely hop on the trend and provide customers with several offers and meals during the IPL season.


We can say that IPL is such a huge occasion for Indians. And it is very smart of food delivery platforms to leverage on the opportunity. By customising deals, offers, and meals, they will draw more customers during the IPL season and maximise their profits.


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