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Order Food Online in Noida – Online Home Food Delivery Services

Ordering food online is very common among youngsters these days, more so because these home food delivery services offer discounts and try to make it cost-effective for the customers. Young people often don’t have the time to cook two meals a day or even prepare for breakfast at times. Home food delivery services come to the rescue of young people when they cannot cook anything.

Home-delivered food saves us a lot of time. This article is about how you can order food online in Noida and what options are available.

Home food delivery Services options in Noida


HathMe is a new home food delivery app currently operating in the Delhi NCR region. It has tied up with over 8,000 restaurants, offering you a wide range of options to choose from. It has an effective delivery system in place, allowing it to deliver food to you on time. HathMe is thriving towards being the most cost-effective while still prioritizing quality.

HathMe takes good care of its merchants, and therefore, the merchants take good care of the customers while sending you their products. It is a happily co-existing community.


Grab is India’s largest last-mile logistics solution and the first startup to offer tech-abled delivery solutions to businesses. Grab is a popular home food delivery app in Delhi NCR to order food online. Apart from food, Grab also delivers stationary goods, medicines, and groceries.

Grab has been in business for seven years and it has managed to gain the trust of the people in Delhi NCR.

If you are in Noida, you can place your order through Grab; they do ‘on-demand delivery’ as well as express delivery.


FreshMenu was launched in 2014 and it has partnered with several cloud kitchens. FreshMenu offers hygienic, healthy, and homely options. It might be the first food delivery service to fully partner with cloud kitchens only.

FreshMenu has helped several cloud kitchens grow in this manner and helped them grow their businesses. FreshMenu offers its delivery services in Delhi NCR, hence, you can offer food from them in Noida. 


MagicPin is one of the best hyperlocal delivery services in Delhi NCR. It has partnered with several local food outlets, helping them make a brand out of their business.

Order food online from MagicPin and get several offers and coupons, which will cut down on the overall cost of your order.

Along with offers and coupons, you can also earn reward points on the app, which you can redeem through your orders.


Faasos is another popular option for ordering food online. If you are looking to try rich Indian cuisine, then Faasos is the one for you. Faasos offers on-demand delivery, and it delivers within 30 minutes.

Faasos has a wide chain of eateries, and you can order from any of their food chains through the app.

Faasos has a good rapport, and it is popular in Delhi NCR.

Eat Sure

On EatSure, you can order from various restaurants at once. If you are a group of people who want to eat different dishes from different restaurants, then you can place a single order for all the items on Eat Sure. This is also one of its biggest USPs.

EatSure was launched in 2011, and now it is spread across 50+ Indian cities. EatSure has good reviews among people in DelhiNCR region.

Eat Sure will most definitely deliver to you from your favorite eating place in Noida.

Wow! Momo

You can also choose to order from independent food chains like Wow! momos. Wow! Momos’ origin can be traced back to Kolkata, but soon it spread over the country, and now it has 300 outlets across 17 Indian cities. Wow! Momos serves a delicious range of momos at a very affordable price. They also provide home food delivery.

You can try momos from their Noida outlet.

Pizza Hut

Pizzas are like a staple food nowadays for kids. If you are craving some pizza, then you can simply order from Pizza Hut in Noida and enjoy.

Pizza Hut’s pizzas are popular among people, and the best thing about them is that they are consistent when it comes to taste.

There are also discounts being offered every now and then. Check with their Noida outlet and see if you can get some pizzas on discount!

Mad Over Donuts

If you are craving some sweets, then do not hesitate to check out Mad Over Donuts. They do home food delivery from their website. They mostly only sell donuts, but they have various types of donuts on their menu.


We understand that sometimes you are indecisive and need some guidance. That is why we have compiled this list for you. Hereafter, you are on your own. Place an order for your favorite food from your most preferred restaurant and enjoy!

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