Best Zodiac Plants for Each Astrological Sign

Consider consulting the stars the next time you wish to expand your collection of plants! Some individuals think that knowing your sign of the zodiac can help you understand your traits and personality and that knowing the positions of the planets and stars when you were born might even help you foretell your future. You may use the same approach for other areas of your life as well, like organizing, decorating, and social gathering choices. In this blog, we will see zodiac signs and plants suitable for them.


An easy-care plant is ideal for Aries because of its independent nature. The zebra plant is a gorgeous succulent with dark green leaves and white stripes. It will become the center of attention in your house immediately, but it’s also strong and can take a little abuse. Zebra plants should be grown in bright light with some air space between waterings. You can place it on a ledge and let it aside for a while because it won’t grow much more than one foot in height or width.


An ideal combination for Taurus with ruler Venus is a lovely heart-leaf philodendron. Venus is the planet of beauty and love. Therefore, a houseplant with heart-shaped leaves would work well with Taurus. Growing it couldn’t be simpler: just choose a location with low to high light and water the soil when it feels completely dry. With enough love and attention, it can eventually transform your house into an eight-foot-tall forest of trailing vines. For more information, have a free Astro chat.


Because English ivy is a very common houseplant, it will be easy to discover a twin that looks just like yours. These plants look great in baskets that hang down, ideal for this air sign who likes everything breezy. Maintain uniform soil moisture and grow in an area with medium to bright light. The vines have the potential to grow up to six feet.


Water indicator Lucky bamboo, a houseplant that lives in standing water, is a wonderful match for Cancer. This power plant has a well-known spiritual reputation for drawing luck, excellent health, and an abundance of love into your house, in addition to bringing a calm and smart vibe into it. If you are growing in water, be sure to replace the water every two weeks and grow in indirect light that is bright. If you maintain continuous moisture, fortunate bamboo can also be grown in soil. This houseplant has the potential to grow up to three feet tall.


As the zodiac’s royal sign, Leo requires a plant to fit its royal personality. The enormous, bright amaryllis blossoms were perfect for the moment. Although these plants are often cultivated as wax-coated bulbs for the holidays, you may utilize them all year round as houseplants if you plant the bulb in a soil-filled container. ‘Red Lion,’ with its stunning deep red blossoms, is one of the best types to pair with Leo. When planted in bright light, amaryllis can grow up to two feet in height. Water the soil just after the top inch has dried out.



Although they’re not the simplest houseplant to maintain, banana plants are a good option for Virgos. Virgo is known for her meticulous attention to detail and compassionate nature, which makes the luxurious yet particular banana plant a fitting match. Although miniature banana plants are often grown outdoors for their food, you can grow them indoors to add a bit of tropical flair to your home—just without expecting a harvest. Grow in direct sunlight and give banana plants plenty of water; during their active growth, they are very thirsty. Some types only reach a height of 4 feet, while indoors they can reach up to 6 feet.


As Libra requires harmony and balance at home, an air sign like this one might benefit from having a hanging basket filled with string pearls. Try hanging two strings of pearls next to one another to truly reflect the meaning of this sign. They will look like Libra’s well-balanced scales. When the top inch of soil is dry, hang in an area with indirect, bright light and water. While most succulents remain small, this one may grow up to three feet in length.


Snake plants have solid, upright leaves that end in a point, and they are nearly unbreakable. The Scorpio, who enjoys things that are a little darker and mysterious, will find the shape and appearance attractive. Although they can withstand a lot of different circumstances, snake plants dislike being overwatered. When watering, wait until the soil is absolutely dry. Snake plants may grow up to four feet tall and grow in any kind of light, from bright to low.

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Baseball plants are a kind of succulent that resemble big, circular cacti without spines. Because the baseball plant can withstand being abandoned alone for a while, it fits the Archer’s adventurous personality, which allows them to travel to any location at any time.


The jade plant may develop slowly, but Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, is excellent at patience. A jade plant can grow up to five feet if given the proper conditions and time, but it will take years, if not decades, to reach that height.


For the Aquarius who values innovation, this plant is ideal. Another extremely low-maintenance houseplant that can withstand drought is the ZZ plant, whose glossy leaves add a contemporary touch of brightness to any space. Look for black ZZ, a more recent type with dark, nearly black foliage, if you want even more drama.


As the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces is also arguably the sign that is most sensitive, sympathetic, and understanding of other people’s needs. The sensitive Piscerian soul requires something calming because their delicate nature can be exhausting. Having a jasmine plant in the house will help transform any space into a place of peace thanks to its lovely blossoms and delicious scent.

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