Gemstones and Their Magical Meanings in Astrology

In the world of astrology, every single star or celestial body holds a deep meaning and is said to have effects on the person falling under the specific sun sign or moon sign. Gemstones here in this case are said to balance out those energies as every sign is associated with a certain gemstone. Wearing these gemstones as rings or bracelets such as sapphire eternity ring, emerald bracelets, etc are said to have a positive impact on the wearer and save them from any kind of negative impacts that can happen.

Here in this article, we will be talking about the various sun signs and what are the different gemstones associated with them. We will also discuss what are the traits of the first 6 signs and how people can reap the benefits of these gemstones. So, without much delay let’s get started and explore the signs and the gemstones associated with them.

Present to you the first 6 zodiac signs with their personality traits and their respective gemstones.

  1. Aries: Ruled by the fiery planet of Mars, this sign is also considered to be fiery and passionate in nature. The Carnelian gemstone is the potent talisman which is considered to be the best for individuals having this gemstone.
  2. Taurus: This sign is considered to be grounded and sensual. Promoting fertility and the nurturing nature of the earth, emerald is the gemstone for this sign. Couples having this sign go for engagement rings made of emeralds.
  3. Gemini: Striving on intellectual stimulation, Gemini is the sign for adaptable personalities. These sign bearers are supposed to go for aquamarine rings or bracelets. As it promotes clarity of thought and stimulates intuitive powers in individuals.
  4. Cancer: Ruled by the energy of the moon, the individuals under this sign have great intuitive powers. These individuals are advised to wear pearls. This gemstone is supposed to increase the emotional capacity, symbolise purity of mind and thought and offers comfort and protection to the individuals from all kinds of negative energies.
  5. Leo: Royal and charismatic, this sun sign is considered to be fiercest of all the signs. This sun signs shines brightly as the sun itself. Promoting vitality and strength to the individuals, the sunstone is the gemstone for the individuals under this sign.
  6. Virgo: Considered to be practical and analytical in thoughts and reasoning, this sun sign is considered to be the one seeking perfection in every action. The peridot is the gemstone is the gemstone for this sign as it promotes clarity of mind and spiritual growth amongst the individuals under this sign.

In the above paragraphs we have discussed the first 6 signs of the 12 zodiac signs. Each zodiac has its own gemstone associated with it. Wearing the gemstone associated with their zodiac is believed to increase their powers and promotes positive energy in the individuals. The other 6 signs which have not been included in this article but they too have various gemstones associated with them. For example, the sagittarius is believed to be associated with the amethyst gemstone and therefore for people under this zodiac, wearing amethyst engagement rings or bracelets are considered to bring good luck and prosperity. Similarly, all the other zodiacs have their respective gemstones which are believed to bestow power and luck to the individuals.

Summing Up

There are various facts and myths associated with the gemstones. In the legends and mythologies, we see that these gemstones play a significant role in changing the course of history and the life of the individuals. In today’s date, these gemstones are considered to be the product of various chemical reactions going on beneath the earth. They are used as precious or semi-precious gemstones and assets, passed down as family heirlooms and also as luxurious and expensive statement jewellery. The reasons and facts may change with the change of generation and time but one thing that remains constant is the love of gemstones by individuals. You can easily buy these gemstones from any offline or online trusted website and get it delivered to your doorsteps within a couple of days.

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