3 Common Challenges Pilgrims Face During Umrah in Ramadan

Ramadan, a month of blessings, holds the utmost significance in the lives of all Muslims. To seek the blessings of the Divine, they tend to fast from sunrise to sunset and avoid indulging in activities that might lead to displeasing the Creator. Umrah, a revered form of pilgrimage, encompasses certain acts to attain forgiveness from the Almighty Allah and feel as close to Him as ever.

Muslims practice noble deeds such as doing charity and increased worship in this holy month. Moreover, the rewards of performing Umrah in Ramadan are twice than rest of the months. That is the reason, Muslims from all across the globe look out for eminent Ramadan Umrah packages that ensure hassle-free experiences for them.

The best thing about performing Umrah in Ramadan is, it is considered equivalent to Hajj, as stated by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Before setting out on the Umrah journey and booking any of the Ramadan Umrah packages, it is equally important for the pilgrims to do some research and brace themselves for the common challenges they might face during their spiritual voyage. In this post, we will explore a few of these challenges, as well as the key solutions to them.

1. Travel Formalities & Relevant Issues

Post-COVID-19 pandemic, pilgrims have faced many issues in traveling, especially in acquiring visas. Amidst that specific tenure, pilgrims were not able to perform Umrah and had to spend much of the time waiting for the restrictions to be lifted. After the complete removal of all restrictions, the demand for Umrah rose even more and thousands of Muslims from all over the globe bought Ramadan Umrah packages. This excessive demand led to a significant upsurge in Umrah prices as well. Thus, many Muslims have to face this issue of pricing and high-demand, as well as have to wait for a long time to get their approved visas.

High demand for Umrah in Ramadan also leads to heavy crowds, and pilgrims should thus come prepared to perform all of their worship rituals in such crowds. However, they can wear suitable footwear to stay comfortable while walking in such crowds.

2. Practicing Nobility Inside Out

It always remains a challenge for many Muslims to bid farewell to all worldly matters and put their dire focus on pleasing Allah. This is because there are many of the distractions. Avoiding them is the real purpose of performing Umrah, and one needs to practice these acts even in their after-Umrah life. One needs to keep their intentions pure and show a good attitude and ethics while performing Umrah. Umrah aims to purify your hearts and souls, and this should be depicted in their actions as well. Showing good etiquette is equally important, as this saves the other pilgrims from getting annoyed by one’s actions, and instead builds up a mutual bond of love and understanding among Muslims of different regions, regardless of their cast, creed, and color.

3. Expect Exertion & Dehydration

For the past few years, Ramadan in Saudi Arabia has been arriving during the peak summer season, which enhances the chances of dehydration in pilgrims. They need to come prepared and drink as much water as they can, to keep them hydrated. Moreover, as this entire journey involved a couple of specific activities and rituals, such as Ziyarat, Saai, etc., this takes much of the body energy of pilgrims, and they might feel physically exhausted as well. No worries, as the rewards are even more than you can imagine.

Specifically in Ramadan, when pilgrims are worshipping while fasting, this becomes way strenuous for them. In addition, the hot weather conditions at Makkah might lead to a few difficulties and they can thus feel themselves mentally and physically drained. Undoubtedly, performing Umrah rituals while fasting is not an easy task. Still, pilgrims feel as fresh as ever once they are done with their Umrah rituals and feel a special bond of closeness with the Almighty Allah, in front of whom they repent and ask for their forgiveness, with pure intent.

Overcoming the Umrah Challenges with the Best Ramadan Umrah Packages

Umrah is a journey of purifying your mind, heart, and soul. It is the time when Muslims can make the most out of it, especially when performed in Ramadan. Though there are a few of the aforementioned challenges they might face, with a little research and effort, the entire journey can be made as smooth as ever.

With double blessings and rewards, Muslims can perform this auspicious journey by undertaking the finest Ramadan Umrah packages in the range. These packages offer all the amenities, from hotel stays to meals, transportation, and flights/tickets, to ensure a peaceful voyage for the pilgrims. Muslims Holy Travel is one of the most authentic and reliable travel agencies, facilitating pilgrims with top-notch Hajj and Umrah-related services, and the best Ramadan Umrah packages.


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