10 Best Penalty Takers In EA Sports FC 24

If you want to regularly score penalties in EA Sports FC 24, you might want to use these very good penalty-takers.

In EA Sports FC 24, penalties are as easy as they’ve ever been. This is the same way they worked in FIFA 23. If the timer stops in green, there’s a good chance that the shot will go in, even if the person has a low penalty rating. However, keepers tend to stop it. The best penalty shooters stand out at that point because they can make shots from 12 yards out that can’t be stopped.

When looking for the best spot kickers in EA Sports FC 24, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Other skills, like calmness and shot power, are also important for a good penalty shooter. Signature styles may seem like an extra that’s only there for looks, but the players who have them also score more goals.

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