Ziegfield Troy Golf (WOMEN’S GOLF LEAGUE Rules)


  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Rules

Our two squads, which are open to women of any ability level, play a nine-hole competition on an a par-3 course with an emphasis on socializing while yet being somewhat competitive. The social function of the league is to introduce new strangers to one another! As a result, each Monday at 6:00 and six fifty pm, you will be partnered at random with different females. The Tuesday nights belong for the Par-Tee Gals Golf’s League, which is and Wednesdays are used for the Society Girls Golf League. We offer you Wunderdog golf picks on our website.

The Troy brand has been involved in encouraging golf as a pastime in Chicagoland for more than 75 years. Around that time, Zigfield Troy, then 19 years old, built Marquette Park’s first golf range.

Before relocating to Woodridge in 1976 and renaming it the Zigfield Troy Golf Range, Zigfield built the Sheldon Heights Golf Range at 115th and Halstead and ran it for 38 years. An ambitious Par-3 golf course that borders the range was co-designed and built by him, fulfilling a lifetime desire, four years after the move.

This is an interesting, low-stress league!  For instance, we adhere to the following updated rules:

Save time by playing Ready Golf:

  • Start in any desired order.
  • As long as it’s safe, you do not require to be the one most distant to take the following shot.
  • If the ball is not on anyone’s putt line on the green, you do not need to mark it.
  • You don’t need to mark your ball and wait to hole out; just keep putting.

Rules for Water:

  • Hole #1: Play your next shot within two club-lengths of the place where the balls into the water; a shot that’s closer than this hole is allowed. If your ball hits the water, you will be penalized an extra stroke.
  • Hole #4: You will be penalized if your ball falls into the water.


Enjoyable Guidelines:

  • By rolling the ball with your club to within six inches of your starting position, you can give yourself a better lie.
  • After two tries, it’s acceptable to toss the ball out of the sand bunker.  (Alternatively, omit it and add two strokes.)
  • Take your ball to the front of the green and hole-out if it isn’t on the green after six strokes.


Below is an overview of the league’s offerings:

  • geared toward social and enjoyable golf for women of all ability levels.
  • The Par 3 golf course has nine holes.
  • Ten weeks of golf.
  • Tee times are from 6:50 to 8 p.m.  No one is permitted to continue playing the course after the team, so you are the very last golfer on it.
  • Every week there’s an event planned with prizes.
  • the month of July Partner Day: Bring a guest, get free!
  • Weekly “Tip on the Tee” on the first tee, provided by a professional group at Ziegfield Troy Golf.
  • A golf ball for the water hole at number four.  Each time you cross the finish line, you enter our “Sink or Swim” year-end raffles

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