Wix is SEO friendly and here are the reasons

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key for the website if business owners want their online ventures and businesses to thrive in today’s cutthroat market. This is the reason businesses need to choose carefully between a website builder and a custom website. Apart from Joomla and WordPress, Wix has also been making strides.

That’s right, Wix has been providing users the tools to make a site, plus the features, information and the necessary infrastructure which is made on the foundation of best practices of search engine optimization (SEO). Numerous websites made on Wix have a good ranking on Google. They are also further customizable and scalable.

Let us now explore in what ways is Wix SEO friendly and how it has been improving further.

Are websites on Wix compatible with Google SEO?

When it comes to the website’s SEO, Google is among those engines that do not differentiate between a web site builder or a content management system (CMS). Good SEO practices comprise of various factors, which include infrastructure allowing for easy crawling and indexing, strategic content, optimization plus backlinks.

Those who are wondering if Wix websites are compatible with Google’s SEO modus operandi should know that 82% of website owners using Wix saw improvements in Google rankings using Wix SEO tools.

In what ways are Wix based websites good for SEO?

Experts from a web design company Dubai based in the Palm Jumeirah have worked on WordPress and other CMSs for a long time but have kept tabs on Wix. They have been observing the platform for quite some time and have determined that it was made on a foundation of performance first, with due consideration for top notch SEO from auto caching to dynamic rendering.

Here are some of those factors helping Wix become a respectable website builder in line with best practices of Google’s SEO Modus Operandi:

It provides server-side rendering

Websites made on Wix are created on server-side rendering which is a solution favored by both Bing and Google. It is complicated. Yet it basically comes down to a process which delivers server-end website content to search engines. It hence averts additional data fetching and templating on clients.

Website users obtain the dynamic content they can work upon, and search engines obtain completely rendered content on the page for indexing and ranking. It is important for all websites. Anything that is easily crawlable for search engines is a victory for SEO. Wix websites do just that from the minute they go live.

The crawling and indexing

The first step into getting the website discovered on Google is allowing the search engine to crawl and index it. Wix websites do just that by creating a direct connection to Google Search Console and Instant Homepage Indexing.

The Wix website automatically creates optimized sitemaps as they are set up. They are then submitted to the Google Search console for indexing. A sitemap is a website’s map and is given to Google to see which one to Index and how the search engine can navigate through it.

A considerable chunk of SEO involves making Google’s life easier in terms of basic factors. This is where Wix websites have made progress.

Keeping performance as first priority

Google’s golden standard for keeping website speed at optimum margins is the Core Web Vitals (CWV). Ever since they were introduced and evolved into a core ranking factor (elements of a website Google considers before it ranks it in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)). 

Everyone has worked hard to make major improvements to the way websites are built, and have even helped improve Wix’s score on CWV. In fact, more than 60% of Wix websites and mobile sites have passed CWV testing.

Website performance refers to how quick web pages load along with other key metrics. It is a key part of making a user friendly website. Wix websites are built keeping this in mind. Images used on WIx websites are converted to WebP once browsers support them. They are small and load faster, and hence improve website performance.

The lazy loading feature is used for optimizing performance to ensure browsers delay loading content or media outside the user’s initial view.

Caching and content delivery network (CDN) performance

Content delivery networks (CDN) help deliver content quickly to users. Wix selects the optimum CDN on its own based on a user’s location and the closer it is to the user, faster delivery of content is guaranteed.

Automatic caching is also used by Wix websites. They avoid lengthy server end requests for repeat users. These sites even identify custom code that causes issues with auto-caching.

Customization factor

SEO can never be approached with one size fits everyone mindset. This is why Wix websites’ SEO setup allows for customization using the best practices of SEO. Here is how it is done:

  • Customized structured data is made using the How to, FAQ and other needed schemas.
  • A robots.txt file which is editable to control what can be crawled on and what shouldn’t be.
  • Making custom meta tags is easy.
  • 301 redirects are made in bulk thus catching all errors and loops.
  • The Wix SEO settings tool helps large scale SEO customization for large websites to save time in creating standardized metadata.

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