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Why Steel Is The Best Choice For Building Construction

For centuries, wood has been considered an ideal material for building. However, with the growth of the population and advancements in technology, people and businesses are quick to realize that wood may not be sufficient to cater to everyone’s requirements. Hence, it becomes obvious to look for alternative sources of construction materials.

Since its discovery, steel has been widely used in many projects all across the world. One of the major projects in the construction industry is building skyscrapers, which need lightweight but sturdy materials for construction. Let’s see why you must select steel as raw material for your next building.

Top 10 Reasons Why Steel Is The Best Choice For Metal Building Construction

1. Light Weight

We understand that if you take a 2×9 wood and a 2×9 steel beam, the steel beam will feel heavier. But here, we are talking about the overall structure & not just the beam itself. You see, if we consider all steel used to construct a steel building vs wood used to build a similar building, you will find out that the steel requirement is lesser than that of the wood.

This is due to the fact that steel can bear more load than wood beams. That’s why steel offers more structural integrity than the best wooden structures. It is one of the reasons why the majority of skyscrapers are built using steel beams.

2. Affordable

Steel construction used to be expensive in the past. However, with trade and infrastructure development advancements, steel has become more affordable for industrial and residential uses.

Since steel is lighter, shipping and transportation costs are also less. If you use prefabricated steel buildings for construction, the labor and construction time costs are also less than counterparts.

That’s not it; the aftercare for your steel building is much less compared to the wooden counterpart. Since steel structures are green, they also allow you to file for tax credits whether you are doing metal building construction for residential or commercial purposes.

3. Versatility Of Design

Gone are the days when metal structures used to look dull and out of style. Nowadays, you can get external facades and interior designs that will make your steel building look nothing like a plain metal structure.

There is even concrete floor polishing that can give the looks of a wooden floor to your metal structure without wasting time & money in buying and maintaining actual wood. Isn’t that great?

Not only that, steel is a flexible material. It can be bent, molded, and designed in countless possible ways to look unique. From simplest to complex, you can design steel in any way you want. This is the kind of freedom you can never get with wood.

4. Non-Combustible

Steel is a non-combustible material. Hence, the building rating given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is Type II. According to the same rating system, most residential construction is Type V.

These reasons do not go unnoticed by insurance companies either. That’s why you can get up to 30% less on insurance premiums.

5. Safety & Healthy

Steel is recyclable and can be reused countless times without losing strength. Not to mention, they do not release any harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is one of the popular choices for green buildings.

This is the primary reason why commercial industries are moving towards metal building construction. The steel industry also reportedly recycles 90% of all the water used in the production of steel, as per the World Steel Report.

6. Eco-Friendly

Steel saves a lot of trees from being cut down for the construction process. A 2000 square feet home will consume 60 to 102 trees. Those are the greenery that can be saved by using steel.

Not just trees, almost 70% less labor is needed at the metal building construction site. This means less labor charges and more safety at the site.

7. Fast Construction

Since steel is pre-cut and pre-drilled in the factory before arriving at the installation site, most of the work is already done. The remaining assembling can be done fast, and your steel building will be ready within a few weeks.  

8. Clear Span Option

Support columns restrict the floor space and reduce available square footage. This is especially true for larger buildings. With wood beams, you have no choice but to install them for support.

With steel buildings, you can opt for a clear span. Here, the weight of the roof is divided between the frame and side walls, thus eliminating the need for support columns.

With clear-span metal building construction, you get an open floor plan where you have complete freedom to design your interior. You can install mezzanine floors if you want to use your steel structure as a storage facility. This will allow you to store more items within the same space.

9. Durability

We can discuss how durable, long-lasting, and robust steel is all day. With no risk of rotting or decaying, your structure will stay put for decades, serving your business or housing.   

10. Resistant To Pests & Extreme Weather

Steel is an inorganic material. It does not house common American pests such as termites, carpenter ants, spiders, etc. A fully insulated steel structure helps prevent mold and mildew growth.

Steel can withstand extreme weather events like high speed winds, heavy snowfall, or heavy rain. Since steel is sturdy, it can also tolerate tornadoes and hurricanes unless it is directly hit. 

In General, It Can Be Said That

Steel is by far one of the strongest and most durable raw materials for manufacturing in the construction industry. You can, too, join the new trend and go green with a steel building. No wonder the future belongs to metal buildings.

We hope this was helpful & you may have become more confident by the end of this blog to invest in a steel building for your property.

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