Why Should You Visit Dubai Crocodile Park?

With the opening of Crocodile Park close to picturesque Mushrif Park, Dubai has achieved another achievement. Whether you are a naturalist, animal lover, or just a common tourist, this amazing destination will stun you.

Crocodile Park is home to more than a thousand crocodiles. All of them belong to various types and have different shapes and sizes. So, if you are curious about this successful and spectacular creature, Crocodile Park is made for you.

Do you want to know what you will enjoy at this amazing park? Keep reading the article, as it will describe the top attractions offered by Crocodile Park.

Top 6 Attractions at Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park provides its tourists with a delightful experience of accompanying different crocodiles, enjoying boat rides, feeding these remarkable creatures, learning about them, and appreciating their amazing skills. Let’s further elaborate on each attraction one by one:

1.      Meet and Greet Nile Crocodiles

You can meet and greet four different types of crocodiles, including the famous Nile Crocodiles, in this park in a perfectly secure environment. Crocodile Park is particularly well-known for housing over 250 Nile Crocodiles who are famous for nurturing their babies with utmost care.

Other types include:

  • Saltwater Crocodiles, also known as the King Crocs due to their colossal size
  • Mugger Crocodiles, who have recently been enlisted as “Vulnerable”
  • Gharial Crocodiles, who have joined the list of “rare animals”

You can closely see all these fabulous species in this incredible destination. You can buy tickets online from a reliable platform to visit Crocodile Park Dubai and relish the company of this wonderful creature.

2.      Stop by Crocodile Enclosure

Crocodile enclosure is the prime attraction of Crocodile Park. This spacious closure is built to provide a comfortable environment for these species. You can encounter crocodiles of all sizes and shapes here.

You will see older crocodiles sunbathing and young ones jumping and climbing. Although the atmosphere is perfectly safe, you should keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Avoid going too much close to crocodiles
  • Maintain a distance from the barriers
  • Suppress the urge to touch them
  • Never ever think about swimming in the closure

Follow the above rules and you will be all fine to enjoy your journey. This enclosure will provide you with an experience that you will not be able to forget for a long time.

3.      Experience the Boat Ride

The boat ride in Crocodile Park offers a full-scale experience. If you want to go beyond barriers and observe this heavenly creature more closely, get on the boat. The enthralling and electrifying experience will be exceptional.

This boat ride is set to take you into the world of crocodiles, where new ones hatch and old ones appreciate life. However, avoid the given actions while in the boat:

  • Making noise
  • Creating fuss
  • Interacting with crocodiles
  • Leaning over the side
  • Not following the instructor’s instructions

It is also vital to remember that if you observe a crocodile behaving strangely, promptly inform your instructor. Follow the above guidelines, and this will surely be a jaw-dropping experience for you.

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4.      Visit the Museum

Yes, Crocodile Park Dubai has its own museum. If you are into paleontology or evolution, you can see the dead remains of crocodilians. These creatures were found millions of years ago and are considered close relatives to crocodiles and alligators.

This will also be an amazing learning experience for you as you will learn about:

  • The evolutionary history of crocodiles
  • Who were their forefathers?
  • How crocodiles used to look millions of years ago?
  • How did they adapt to a variety of environments, including terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems?

In short, this museum at Crocodile Park serves as an academy for learners. People who are interested in understanding prehistoric creatures can benefit from this museum.

5.      Enjoy the Crocodile Show

When you talk about Crocodile Park Dubai, another notable mention is the crocodile show. The park keeps organizing these entertainment shows to amuse its audience. Therefore, do not forget to attend the events when visiting the park.

People love to watch crocodiles doing various tricks and showing different movements, for example, jumping through a circle. You will love the chemistry between this calm animal and its trainer. Some important things about these shows that you must know are:

  • You can take children to crocodile shows because they are conducted in a perfectly safe environment
  • You will be able to learn about behavioral patterns and history of the particular crocodile
  • You will learn how you can participate in crocodile conservation activities

So, are you looking forward to appreciating these spectacular shows? You can buy attractions tickets online for Crocodile Park Dubai and entertain yourself by watching the crocodile shows.

Why Is Crocodile Park Worth Visiting?

Crocodile Park, situated in Dubai, is a destination worth visiting for different reasons. For example, it has over a thousand crocodiles belonging to various species. You can observe them closely and learn about their history at this park. Moreover, boat rides and crocodile shows add the cherry on top. If you think you can enjoy your time at this amazing park, book your ticket from an online platform.

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