Why My Dlink Repeater Can’t Connect to Laptop? Help!

Dlink WiFi range extender provides so many features to the users, that includes dual-band network, Mu-MIMO technology, WiFi security, smart roaming and connect different devices and much more. You just have to setup the WiFi repeater, manage the networks through, connect the internet devices and then enjoy the seamless internet network in your home. But sometimes users face troubles while connecting laptops, computers and phones. Here we will discuss the reasons for this issue and we will also provide solutions along with the reasons for the connection error.

Reasons and Solutions of Connection Error

Let’s take a look over at some reasons of the problem and you can see the solutions under the reasons.

Incorrect SSID Details

Filling wrong SSID details of the Dlink WiFi range extender into the WiFi settings of the laptop is one of the reasons, why your laptop isn’t connecting to the repeater.


You have to enter the correct details of the repeater’s network SSID name and password. If you are not connecting yet, then you can use the Ethernet cable to establish a connection with the WiFi repeater.

Hardware Issue of Repeater

This connection issue can occur from the side of the repeater if the hardware link between your router and WiFi range extender is incorrect.


You have to check the connection of router to repeater. If you see the Ethernet cable is inserted in wrong ports then just plug it out. Connect the cable again to the WAN port of the Dlink repeater and LAN port of the router.

Not Enough Memory

Sometimes, too much filled storage of the laptop can interrupt the WiFi connection with the range extender.


To solve it, you have to delete some garbage files from the laptop and then try to connect the laptop with the Dlink WiFi repeater.

Wrong location of Extender

Plug the repeater to a wall socket which is far away from the router and close to the electronic devices can cause this connection issue. Also, connecting the laptop out of reach of the network device can be a reason of the problem.


The solutions of these problems are, you can change the location of the WiFi range extender close to the router and far away from the electronic devices. If you are out of the range then come closer to the repeater and then try to connect.

Damaged Network Cable

Using a damaged Ethernet cable that you are using to connect repeater to router and to link the laptop to the extender is another reason of the problem.


You have to ensure that you are using a network cable that is in good condition. If it is damaged then replace it with other one or a new one.

More Troubleshooting solutions

If the above written solutions don’t work, then you can use other solution which is given down here.

Restart Laptop and Extender

If no troubleshooting tips helped to deliver the solutions, then just restart laptop as well as the range extender. Reboot the laptop by going into the shut down window by pressing Alt+F4 and select REBOOT option. Then restart the range extender by plugging it out and plug it in to turn it on. After the reboot, try to connect the laptop again with the repeater.

Final Thoughts

Here you have learned reasons why your laptop is not connecting to the Dlink repeater. We also provided the solutions along with the causing factors. We hope you have successfully found out the reason of the connection issue and solved it with the help of above mentioned solutions. Now, you can experience extended network in your home.

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