Why is the Netgear Router Power LED Blinking?

Do you see a blinking Power LED on your Netgear router? Are you worried because the router isn’t working and you can’t even use to fix it? You have reached the best post. Every Netgear router has various LEDs on it. Each LED is meant for a purpose. They tell you about the current status of your router. If the Power LED is blinking this means there’s an issue with the router that you should address now with the help of the fixes given in this post.

How to Fix Netgear Router Blinking Power LED?

The Power LED of the Netgear router if blinks or shows you amber color, then use the steps provided ahead to get the issue resolved:

1.Check the Power Outlet

The very first reason that comes to mind whenever the Power LED shows an unusual behavior is that there’s something wrong with the power connection to the router. So, start the troubleshooting process by verifying the same.

You should examine the power outlet into which the power cable of the Netgear router is plugged. It has to be damage-free. If theirs is a visible damage, then either get it fixed or you can also use an alternative socket to plug the router. There are chances that the damages are not visible, but the socket is not working. Plug in another device and confirm the same. Using another wall outlet to plug the router is suggested in such a scenario. Simply put, the router must be receiving a consistent power supply.

2.Use the Correct Power Adapter

Have you used the same power adapter that came with the router? If not, then this is why you are seeing the LED blinking on the router. So, check the same and make sure that you are using the right adapter to supply power to your router.

Besides, see to it that the power adapter is fixed tightly into the router.  Try to remove the adapter and reconnect it. Connect your PC to the router’s network and try accessing Linksys routerlogin page to see if it works or not.

3.Power Cycle the Network

You should power cycle the whole network if the power light keeps on blinking even after you have tried the fixes given above. Power cycling fixes glitches from the router and other devices. Power down the Netgear router and the modem. Let them sit idle for some time. Do not forget to take out the power cables from the outlets. After some time, plug in the modem first and turn it on. After that, turn on the router. Ensure following the same sequence. Is the Power LED on the router still blinking?

4.Reset the Router

When no other troubleshooting fixes help you to get rid of the blinking Power LED from the router, you are left with one final fix. What’s that? Reset your Netgear router. Resetting erases the personalized settings from the router and restores the default settings on it. Know that after you reset the router you will have to go through the setup process once again. Use the steps presented ahead to reset your router to the factory settings:

  • Remove any cable that’s connected to the Netgear router except the power cable.
  • Ensure that the router is turned on and receives a stable power connection.
  • Find a button labeled Reset or Factory Reset on your router.
  • The button can be found inside a hole.
  • Use a sharp and pointed object and push the button.
  • Hold it for some time.
  • Release the button and the router will be reset to the default settings.

After this, use router login Netgear details to go to the setup page on your PC. But make sure that you connect the router and modem using a LAN cable.  Also connect your computer to the router’s network. Complete the setup process now.

The Final Note

This brings an end to our helpful post on how to fix Netgear router blinking Power LED.  We are sure that your router is not working perfectly fine. Get connected to its network and enjoy internet connection.

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