Why Is Indian Food Adored In The World? Which Factors Make It Special?

Indian food has spread its colours of flavours entirely in the world. Because of this reason an Indian Restaurant in Wollongong making these dishes even more famous by not compromising the ethical way of cooking these dishes. There are many reasons to love the Indian dishes which are as follow:


There are many regions in India. Each region has a different way to cook food. Besides, the ingredients used in cooking the dishes are also unique. If one region is consuming wheat as a staple diet, another region is consuming rice as a staple food. 

  • Who can forget to mention the traditional dal bati of Rajasthan? The dish is made with the variegated flours and lentils. Who can not remember the flavour of clarified butter on that? 
  • On the other hand, little chokha is the speciality of Bihar. One cannot ignore the crispiness of the exterior and soft stuffing filled inside.
  • Dhokla is one of the most appreciated dishes of Gujarat. Its proof of popularity can be accounted for by the fact that the people of Punjab and even Indian restaurants love to serve it.


Complexity can be seen in the cooking stratagems. But the whole credit of the brilliant taste of the dishes can be given to all the complex cooking techniques. Let us take a simple instance to clear this point.

Take the example of Gajar-Ka-Halwa. It involves complexities like:

  • Grating the carrots
  • Then reducing its water either by squeezing the water out or by slow roasting
  • Then cooking it in milk
  • Make it incorporate the taste of Mawa or khoya
  • Afterwards, let it absorb the flavour of clarified butter or ghee

But if any of the steps which are deemed complicated is skipped, the whole dessert will either become a disaster or less tasty.


One is not capable of predicting the flavours of dishes made in India. It is because each Indian dish is so customisable and improvisable that each restaurant makes it according to them by adding a special tadka. 

If we talk about a simple Indian dish which is Biryani. It is made with the choice of the customer. If the customer is not finding certain vegetables able to blend with the wholesome flavour of the biryani, then they are specifically eliminated. 


Spices are what makes Indian cuisine even more special. If the herbs and spice are not there in the dishes they are merely cooked food but not the tasty food. 

Let us take an example:

Would you like to eat Aloo Gobhi just after it is boiled or after it is nicely blended with the flavours of garlic, ginger, onion, tomato, Turmeric, Red chilli, Black pepper, Bay leaves and Nutmeg?

Naturally, you will choose the second option, which itself defines the importance of spices and herbs in Indian cuisine.

Final Thoughts

The secret for the adoration of Indian food is the techniques of cooking and flavorful ingredients which are gifted by our ancestors. The improvisation is no doubt the order of the day. But the real taste lies in the authentic Indian cooking which is done at Crown Indian Restaurant.

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