Why Can’t My Netgear Extender Connect to Xfinity Router?

Netgear WiFi extender gets connected to the host router and extends the signals from the router. Let’s tell you that the Netgear extender can be set up using the URL During the set up, you connect the extender and router. But are you getting troubled while connecting Netgear extender to Xfinity router? Find the solutions to your problem in this post.

Netgear Extender Can’t Connect to Xfinity Router: Fixes

If the Netgear WiFi extender is unable to connect to the host router then you should apply the fixes provided in this section. These fixes have been jotted down with the help of our expert team. Read them and get benefitted:

  1. Make a LAN Connection

A Netgear WIFI extender can connect to the Xfinity router with the help of a LAN cable. The cabled connections are better than wireless connections. Hence, we suggest you make a LAN connection now. But while you’re making a wired connection, you should keep into consideration a few points:

  • The cable that you’re using has to be in good condition. Avoid using a damaged or broken cable.
  • Insert the cable tightly into the respective ports on both devices.
  • Check that the ports are not damaged.
  • The ports should be the right ones. Use the LAN port on the Xfinity router and the Internet port on the extender.
  1. Bring the Devices Closer

In case you prefer making a wireless connection, then you should check the distance separating the Netgear WiFi extender from the Xfinity router. The extender must be placed within the network range of the WiFi router. Bring the devices next to each other and then try making connection between them. Once the extender is set up, you can shift it to a new location.

  1. Update the Router

If the Xfinity router is running on an older firmware version then also you may have issue connecting it to the extender. So, log in to the router and get its firmware updated to the latest version. Use the admin details to log in to your Xfinity router and update its firmware. As soon as the router is updated, you can try making the connection between the two devices.

  1. Reboot the Devices

Power off your Netgear WiFi extender and the Xfinity router. Unplug them from their respective sockets and then wait for certain amount of time and let the devices take some rest. The devices recover their settings and the network connection gets a push. After some time, plug in the router and then the extender. Let the devices boot up completely before making their connection.

  1. Reset the Netgear Extender

Under any circumstances, if the Netgear extender refuses to connect to the Xfinity router even after trying all the solutions then reset your WiFi extender. Resetting removes the current configuration settings from the extender. There could be some settings on the extender that are not letting the connection to be successful. So, use the steps given below to reset your extender now:

  • Detach the LAN cable joining the extender and router.
  • Check that the WiFi extender is fully powered up.
  • With the help of a sharp and pointed object, push and hold the power button on the extender. You can use paper clip. But avoid using a pen or pencil as it won’t reach the button located inside the hole.
  • The extender will reboot itself and it will have the default factory settings running on it.

Set Up the Netgear Extender from Scratch

After resetting your extender, place it next to the Xfinity router. Make the LAN connection once again. Ensure that the connection is firm and then turn on the router. Next, power on the Netgear range extender. Get your PC connected to extender’s network. You are recommended to make an Ethernet connection. Visit on a browser and follow the setup prompts.

Wrap Up

Setting up the Netgear extender and making its connection with the Xfinity router should no longer be a trouble for you now. After you have installed the extender, move it near the WiFi dead spots in the home and connect to its network.

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