Where Can You Find the Best Samsung Q LED?

Samsung’s QLED TV lineup is the best on the market. The best models, branded as Neo QLED, use Mini LED backlights with full-array local dimming to get much closer to OLED’s pixel-level contrast and color performance without the risk of burn-in.

The QN90C also has excellent peak brightness and a great selection of smart features, including a robust set of gaming features. Its black uniformity isn’t as good as OLEDs, though, and it still has some blooming around bright objects in dark scenes.

Best Price

Whether you want to watch a movie or play games, you can enjoy the best in 4K resolution with the Samsung Q LED. While top-end 8K and Micro-LED models can cost in the tens of thousands, Samsung’s 2023 QLED line offers a wide range of sizes starting at $1,599 for the smallest QN85A Neo QLED model and up to $4,999 for the 85-inch QN90A.

The QN85C is one of our favorite mini-LED TVs and comes in a svelte Infinity One chassis with a practically nonexistent frame around the screen. The TV also has an external connection box that brings you all the connections you’ll need, including HDMI 2.1 support for gaming setups. And the QN85C offers solid peak brightness, deep blacks and excellent upscaling.

Samsung’s QLED technology uses a quantum dot backlight and Quantum Processor Lite to improve on the color gamut offered by regular LED LCD TVs. You can watch HD and even SDR content in brilliant detail and with a billion colors thanks to this enhanced color processing.

With its impressive picture quality, the Samsung QLED is well worth the money. Its stunning design is just as appealing when it’s off, too, with a minimalist panel and slim perforated metal finish on the frame and stand. And you can protect your investment with a year of Samsung Care+, which includes everything from a personal setup session to ongoing protection against mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

Best Brand

Samsung’s long run as a dominant budget TV brand took a hit last year when rivals made big improvements. But the QN90C is a welcome return to form for the South Korean company. This mid-range 2023 Mini LED TV delivers strong picture quality and a wide selection of features. Its picture isn’t quite as impressive in a dark room as that of the step-up QN95C, with some blooming around bright highlights and less powerful contrast. It’s still a good choice, though, as it offers great gaming features and has four HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K at up to 120Hz.

Samsung uses the ‘QLED’ moniker for its newer panels that combine an LED backlight with small amounts of nano-scale crystals called quantum dots. These can react to different hues in a given color spectrum to boost the brightness and widen the color gamut of LCD panels.

This is the same technology found in some of Samsung’s 8K TVs, which can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars. If you can afford it, we’d recommend one of those for the best possible picture quality. But for most people, the QN90C will provide an excellent experience with fantastic peak brightness and rich colors and outstanding blacks, even if it doesn’t achieve OLED-level contrast. It also has a sleek design, excellent smart features and support for Dolby Atmos sound.

Best Features

If you’re looking for a high-quality 4K TV with a premium feel, the Samsung Q LED is a great choice. It offers crisp and contrast-rich images that are great for bright rooms, and it has a smart platform with an excellent selection of streaming apps. Its design is sleek and attractive, too, with a thin bezel and a sturdy hexagonal plate stand.

While Samsung’s QLED lineup is the best of its kind, you can find some great sets from other manufacturers that use similar technology. TCL, for example, offers a number of 4K TVs with quantum dot displays. These sets have a more limited color palette but offer good image quality at an affordable price.

Alternatively, you can get a great Samsung set like the QN90C for a bit less. This step-up mini-LED model doesn’t quite match the QD-OLED experience of the S95C sets we reviewed earlier in 2023, but it still delivers outstanding picture quality. It can hit high peak brightness levels (up to 726 nits on a 2% white HDR window in Movie mode) and is watchable from almost any angle. It also has fantastic reflection handling and gets very bright to fight glare.

Samsung’s lower-tier Quantum Dot models have a lot to recommend them, too. These are less expensive than the flagship Neo QLED sets, and they have great HDR and SDR image quality. They also support 120Hz VRR gaming and include Freesync Premium Pro.

Best Value

Samsung’s QLED branding is a well-known shorthand for quantum dot televisions that pair LED backlight with nano-scale crystals to deliver a wide color gamut, brighter images and richer contrast than standard LCD TVs. These TVs are available in a range of screen sizes from 42 to 85 inches. Top-of-the-line 8K and Micro-LED models cost a few thousand dollars or more. Less expensive 4K quantum-dot TVs like the QN90C and others in Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED lineup are excellent values with fantastic image quality and plenty of smart features for an affordable price.

The QN85C is our best value Samsung mini-LED TV of 2023 for delivering a great mix of picture performance and features. This model’s peak brightness is above average for its class, and it delivers deep and detailed shadows with only modest backlight blooming in dark scenes. It also has outstanding reflection handling for viewing in bright rooms and is great at fighting glare. It lacks the more effective local dimming of the step-up QN95C, but it still has plenty of power for gaming and four HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K at up to 120Hz.

Its sleek and minimalist design is complemented by a clean back panel that includes only a power cord and a few input ports that are placed in a small external box to keep the screen clear of clutter. It runs Samsung’s 2023 Tizen OS interface and includes a large selection of streaming apps, and it supports voice control and Apple HomeKit integration via the included remote.


In conclusion, finding the best Samsung QLED TV involves researching reputable retailers, comparing features, and considering your budget. With a bit of effort, you can locate the perfect QLED TV to elevate your entertainment experience.

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