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Where Can I Vape Publicly In The UK? Frequently Asked Questions

With the UK’s government dropping new vape regulations, it’s understandable to feel confused about the public places where you can vape freely. Though there are a few restrictions, the good news is that you can still vape! And to help you out, we’ve sorted a list of all public places allowing and restricting vaping in the UK. So, let’s get started;

Indoor Vaping

For starters, indoor vaping may or may not be allowed. Though per the official rule, vaping is not allowed in workplaces, hospitals, or similar inside premises, yet, each place can have different rules. For instance, you can still vape in a waiting area. However, it’s mandatory to ensure no one gets irritated with your vaping habit. Similarly, the same rule applies to vaping in living rooms or gardens- as long as no one around you has any issue, you’re allowed to exhale a few fruity vapours in the air.

Train & Bus Stations

Sadly, you are not allowed to vape in trains, buses, and similarly at their stations since the ban was imposed in 2015. Though the preference of bystanders still matters here, the additional concern of puffs making it difficult for the drivers to see ahead on the road is the major reason for imposing such a ban.


Vaping in offices often creates a debate. While traditional thought restricts people from vaping in their offices, the modern day is somewhat not bothered and rather appreciates the free will to fill the air and atmosphere with fruity scents.


Following the pattern here, vaping is not allowed at airports or in aeroplanes either. While some people may suggest vaping sneakily on the plane, don’t consider it as planes’ alarms are quite sensitive and can go off even with a slight puff. Thus, don’t even try!


Though smoking is banned across all the hospitals in the UK, the same policies apply to vaping. However, some hospitals still provide a vaping window to visitors in the corridors; it’s better not to give in to the urge.

While Driving

Vaping while driving? Think about it again! It will get you in some serious trouble, though, just like texting. So, don’t vape while driving, and if the urge is really kicking in, you may stop somewhere and vape at a spot where it’s legal.

Sports Stadiums & Concerts

While vaping is allowed in most sports stadiums or concerts, we can’t say the same about the UK. Since such places mostly have indoor or closed premises, many non-vapers might feel irritated by the vapour. Hence, the restriction.

Restaurants, Cafes & Pubs

Lastly, here’s the good news! You can vape in many restaurants, cafes, and pubs. However, you will have to ask permission from the staff before exhaling puffs. Other than these, you can always head to vape-specified pubs, as they’re always perfect for casual to excessive vaping without any restriction.

Additional Tips To Remember When Vaping Publicly

As we don’t want you to get in any sort of trouble, here are a few mindful tips you can remember when vaping outside the next time;

Know The Laws & Regulations

Familiarise yourself with local laws and regulations regarding vaping in public spaces. Some places may have specific rules about where vaping is allowed, and violating these rules could result in fines or penalties.

Designated Vaping Areas

Many public places usually have designated smoking areas or specific places for vaping. So, always respect these designated zones to avoid any inconvenience to others.

Purchase Premium Vape Products

At times, low-quality vape products can also cause inconveniences, such as leakages or poorly flavoured vapours, which can upset people around you as well, so make sure you’re buying your products from the best vape brands in the UK to minimise such errors.

Be Mindful Of Others

Vaping produces vapour, and not everyone may appreciate it. Be mindful of your surroundings, and if you’re in a crowded area or close quarters with others, consider refraining from vaping. Always ask for permission if you’re unsure about vaping in a specific setting.

Avoid Indoor Vaping In Non-Smoking Areas

Just because you can’t see smoke doesn’t mean vaping is allowed everywhere. Some indoor spaces, even those where smoking is not permitted, may also prohibit vaping. Respect these rules to maintain a positive image for the vaping community.

Choose Discrete Devices

Opt for smaller and more discreet vaping devices, especially in public settings. This can help minimise the impact on those around you and reduce any potential discomfort.

Watch Your Clouds

If you enjoy creating large vapour clouds, be cautious about doing so in public. Excessive clouds can be intrusive and may bother people nearby. Consider adjusting your vaping style to be more inconspicuous in crowded areas.

Dispose Of Waste Properly

Dispose of your vaping waste responsibly. This includes properly disposing of empty e-liquid bottles, used coils, and any other vaping-related items. Use designated trash bins when available.

Educate Others Respectfully

If someone approaches you with questions or concerns about vaping, be open to educating them politely. Remember that not everyone may be familiar with vaping, and your willingness to share information respectfully can contribute to a positive perception.

Practise Common Courtesy

Use common courtesy and good manners. If you’re in doubt about whether it’s appropriate to vape in a particular setting, it’s often best to err on the side of caution and refrain.


Why Is Vaping Not Allowed In Most Public Places?

The restriction on vaping in public places is primarily driven by concerns related to public health, safety, and the potential risks associated with secondhand exposure to e-cigarette aerosols. While e-cigarettes are often perceived as less harmful than traditional tobacco products, they still emit aerosols that may contain harmful substances such as nicotine, fine particles, and other chemicals. The long-term health effects of inhaling these aerosols are not yet fully understood, and there are worries that exposure to secondhand vapour could pose risks, especially in enclosed spaces.

What Are The New Policies Regarding Vaping In The UK?

The new vape policies in the UK revolve around no selling or purchasing of vape products for minors. Further, the nicotine limit per e-liquid has been set to 28 mg/2 ml only. There are additional restrictions on advertisements, and some of the ingredients have also been banned. Lastly, disposable bans like Lost Mary and Elf bars are also banned, and the prices of vape products have been increased.

Is Vaping Going To Be Banned In The UK?

No, there’s no such news regarding banning vaping in the UK. However, there’s been news regarding banning disposable vapes specifically and setting the consumption limit to 28 mg/2 ml only.

How Much Of The Vape Puff Range Is Legal In The UK?

The legality of vape puff ranges in the UK depends on several factors, such as the nicotine content in e-liquids and compliance with existing regulations. Though most people and brands have set the puff range limit to 500-600, it’s not the case. Since the e-liquid limit is 2 ml, brands can extend the puff range as long as they don’t exceed the 2 ml limit. Thus, per this rule, even 2500-6000 puff ranges are also legal!

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