What To Do With An Accident Damaged Car?

Driving can be dangerous these days, so it is essential to understand what you can do in case of an accident. It is unfortunate, and we hope none of you have ever experienced it. However, it is crucial to know what can be done in case you encounter someone with an accident, if not yourself. There are many companies like Cash for cars Brisbane that buy damaged cars; you can consult them in such situations. 

The number of road accidents, especially on highways, is increasing these days due to various reasons, such as negligence while driving, overspeeding, etc. Sometimes, the accident is so dangerous that it crushes your car in no time, making it useless. Your priority should be to get medical help in such situations. 

What To Do With An Accident-Damaged Car?

Get Medical Help

Your first step in such situations must be to get medical help. Even if the accident is your fault, try to call an ambulance and get or provide necessary medical help. Timely treatments can be life-saving. Hence, it should be your first priority. After this, you can decide what to do with the damaged car and sell it to companies like Cash for Cars Gold Coast

Collect Contact Information

Collecting contact information of the person injured or the parties that met with the accident is crucial. Even if the accident was your fault, get the information. Also, you should collect the information of the eyewitness, if any. It will help you in getting insurance claims. 

Assess The Extent of Damage

After the accident, if you are okay or if the second party is okay, assess the extent of damage. Assessing the extent of damage is crucial. Turn off your car and get outside. Once you feel okay, analyse your car and assess its condition. Take pictures or videos of the damage. If the damage is repairable and cost-effective, get it repaired. If not, sell it to companies that buy damaged cars, such as Cash for cars in Brisbane

Contact Your Insurance Provider

After the accident and assessing the damage to the car, contact your insurance provider. It is important to notify them. They will guide you through the insurance process and procedures for filing an insurance claim. Follow their instructions and file a claim. They will check whether the car can be repaired or it is a total loss and accordingly provide coverage for the damaged car. 

Sell The Car

If the cost of damage is too high or if the car is badly damaged and cannot be repaired, you can sell the car. You might be thinking, who would buy an accident-damaged car? But some companies will buy your damaged car. Auto scrap yards and Cash for Cars Gold Coast are companies that can provide you with the right compensation for your damaged car. You can even consider donating the car as it can provide you with tax benefits. Some charities accept damaged cars. Thus, choose if you want to sell or donate your vehicle.

Dispose of The Car Properly

If you are not able to sell your car or donate it to charity, you must dispose of it properly in an eco-friendly way. Contact recycling centres or auto scrap yards to learn about their recycling policies and dispose of them accordingly. 


We hope you never encounter a situation of accident, but in case you do, make sure you follow these essential tips. It is important to get medical help first and then assess the extent of the damage. Contact your insurance provider to file an insurance claim. You can also choose to sell your car to companies like Cash for cars Brisbane or donate it to charity. If none of this works, dispose of it properly.

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