What to Do When Netgear Nighthawk App Won’t Work?

Are you not able to use the Netgear Nighthawk app to log in to your Netgear router? Have you tried using the web UI to access the login page? Either you’ve issues logging in to the web UI as well or you do not have the option of using the web UI.  In both scenarios, you should give a shot at the troubleshooting solutions highlighted in the upcoming sections of the post. Thus read on.

Nighthawk App Won’t Work: Try This!

1.Update the Nighthawk App

The app needs to be updated if you are having trouble logging in to your router using it. If you forgot to check for updates and did not update it then this is the reason why it is giving you issues. To update the app, you should go to the respective Application Store on your phone. The minute you have your app updated to the latest version, launch it and log in to your router.

2.Reboot your Phone

By any chance updates did not help you, try to fix the problem by rebooting your phone. Glitches on the phone can also stop the Netgear Nighthawk app from working as intended.  Power off the phone or simply reboot it using the process according to the phone make and model. Once it boots up, run the app to see if it works or not.

3.Connect to the Correct Network

To log in to the Netgear Nighthawk router on the app, you should be on the local network. What does this mean? This implies that your phone should be connected to the router’s WiFi. Turn off the cellular data for some time and use only WiFi. You will no longer face any issues while logging in to the Netgear router using the app.

4.Check Power Supply

Maybe the router is not powered on completely. If the router is not booted up, you will have issues connecting to its network. This means login won’t happen since the phone won’t be on the local network. Now, check the power cord of the router. Also check the power socket. Immediately fix anything that’s faulty. The electricity supply to the router has to be adequate to be able to log in without any hassle.

5.Make a LAN Connection

Now if the Netgear router is not properly connected to the modem, then also you’ll not be able to log in. Why because the router gets its network from the modem. If this connection is unstable the resultant network will also be unstable. Make use of a good LAN cable to form a firm connection between these two devices to ensure a stable internet.

6.Uninstall & Reinstall the App

Still can’t do Netgear Nighthawk router login using the app? Delete the app right away. Download it after waiting for some time and then logging in won’t be a trouble anymore.

7.Reset Netgear Router

Has nothing helped you? Reset your router and make it run on the factory defaults. Upon resetting, set it up once again.

In the End

If you’re having issue while logging in to your Netgear Nighthawk router using the Nighthawk mobile app, then the solutions presented in this post are going to be useful to you. We are now ending this post hoping that you are now logged in and are all set to customize router’s settings.

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