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What Is the Cost of Living in UK for Students?

Are you planning to go to the UK for higher studies? Well, the country is well-known for its top universities among abroad students. Also, the quality of education and rich economy attract the candidates towards it. However, for a comfortable stay, knowing the cost of living in UK is vital. It can vary as per the lifestyle and city selected by the aspirants.

In addition, having control over your spending is important to manage your budget. As per estimation, the average living cost in the UK is €84.7k per month. In contrast, compared to the US, the UK offers fair living prices.

Want to know more about it? Read the below article and get information on various living costs needed in the UK. 

How Much Estimated Cost Students Required to Live in the UK?

Several factors impact the cost of living in UK. It is vital to have an idea of the monthly expenses to decide on a budget. The average estimated cost students spend while living in the UK is €1220 per month. This price varies as per the living style and social events of candidates. In addition, the average cost of these expenditures yearly is around €23316. It includes several expenses, like food, transport, visa and more.

Apart from that, the estimated amount for Indian aspirants is between €5027 to €36925 per month. Well, this is an approximate price that students need to live there. Want to know about the various expenses that candidates deal with while living in the UK? Read the below section.

Various Types of Cost of Living in UK

Studying in the United Kingdom is a good option to choose for fair living costs. Also, the prices of the country are lower than other nations like Australia and the United States. To give you an idea of the cost of living in UK, various prices are below-mentioned. So, let’s start reading.

Cost of Accommodation

In the UK, many universities and colleges provide on-campus living to students. However, if there are no on-campus services, they look for private houses. Here the accommodation is of two types- university and private living.

  • University:These services are generally known as halls. It offers two options to students- self-service and complete board services. Halls help international candidates in reducing their cost of living. It is because, in comparison to rented flats or houses, they have more fair prices.
  • Private Living:In this, students live in rented flats and houses. In addition, they can get help from the university in finding a living place. The cost of these places varies as per the city and room size.

To get you an overview of the accommodation prices a table is below stated.

Types Prices in INR (Per Month)
Flat in City Center 1.6L
Flat outside City Center 92.3K
University Housing 45-65K

Cost of Visa Charge

Visa prices are one of the vital things in the expenses of students. It is important to have a valid study visa for international students to live in the UK. In this, Indian candidates can opt for a 4-tier visa or a UK student visa. Aspirants can apply for them six months after their course starts. In addition, the average price of a visa for Indian students is around INR 53972.

Apart from that, to get the visa, candidates need to submit some vital documents. These include proof of finance, application letter, academic transcripts and more. For guidance, you can also get help from a study abroad agent. They can assist you in easing your visa process. Furthermore, they can also guide you in managing the living cost in the UK.

Cost of Transportation

Travelling in the UK is easy and safe. The country has various transport services for people that help them in travelling. For example:

  • For Short Travel:If students want to travel nearby or a short distance, they can go by bus, train or These are the fairest options for short travelling. Apart from this, they can also apply for a monthly pass. It assists them in saving their time.
  • For Long Travel: Having a well-developed economy helps the UKin connecting with other places. The nation has many international and local airports that work 24×7. So, students can travel anywhere and anytime when they want. Another option that they can opt for is high-speed trains. As per their choice,convenience and budget aspirants can choose any of them.

Below is an overview of the cost of transportation to help you better understand the prices.

Types Prices (in INR)
Transport/ Bus Pass 16
Gasoline (1litre) 176
One Way Ticket of Local Transport 165
Taxi (1Km) 170

Cost of Food

The United Kingdom is home to many students and people. As an outcome of it, the country is famous for its food items. The cost of food depends on the place students select to eat. In addition, as a foreign candidate, eating out every day can be expensive.

However, the aspirants can manage it by cooking on their own or having food at university. Also, students should make a separate budget for groceries. The cost of these can vary as per the things candidates buy. The average cost of food is around €260 per month for a single person.

Moving to the UK for higher studies is a good option. However, considering the cost of living in UK is also important. While living in a foreign nation, you have to manage your expenses on your own. Well for this have a little details about the various prices is better to know.


Lastly, for students studying in the United Kingdom can range between 20 lakh to 40 lakh. It depends on the university, course and lifestyle of them. It is vital to make a budget to manage the expenses well. For this, you can apply for a bus pass or train pass for travelling a short distance in the UK. Apart from that, save money on food by cooking yourself or eating on the university campus. Furthermore, for managing prices in the UK, you can also get help from a study abroad agent. The expert can guide you well and assist you in finding a part-time job.

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