What is the Alberta Tech Pathway Program?

The Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway was launched in 2022 to strengthen the workforce in Alberta by offering a fast-track application process for Permanent Residence. Highly skilled overseas tech workers seeking to reside and work in Alberta can apply for the Tech Pathway.

Indian Tech workers can apply for Canada PR Visa from India through Alberta Tech Pathway if they have job offers in any of the specified 38 tech occupations.

The Alberta Tech Pathway is a part of the AINP – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program and is linked with the Express Entry System. It is aimed at candidates both overseas and in Canada in 38 NOC – National Occupational Classification Codes.

Eligibility for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

Educational or Language Proficiency criteria are not specified by the Accelerated Tech Pathway. Candidates are required to fulfill the following criteria to qualify for the program:

Profile Active in Express Entry

Candidates are required to possess an active profile in the Federal Express Entry pool having a CRS score of at least 300 points. If their profile is scheduled to expire in the next 3 months, they have less chance of selection.

Alberta Job Offer or Employment

You have to fulfill any one of the below 2 criteria:

  •         Currently employed in Alberta: You must be employed in Alberta full-time in a qualified tech occupation with an employer in a qualified sector
  •         Job Offer in Alberta: Possess a full-time job offer in Alberta in a qualified tech occupation with an employer in a qualified sector

To fulfill the employment criteria, you have to provide a current Alberta job offer or employment contract with the signature of the employer in Alberta that offers:

  •         Paid, continuous, full-time employment for a minimum of 30 hours weekly for a duration of a minimum of 1 year
  •         For work situated in Alberta
  •         A base salary or monetary wage that either

Ø  Fulfills the minimum provincial wage in Alberta; or

Ø  Fulfills or surpasses the requirements specified in the LMIA of the applicant.

  •         Workers exempt from LMIA have to fulfill or surpass the minimum beginning wage for their occupation for all sectors in Alberta
  •         The candidate should not possess higher than 10% of the total vote shares in the business
  •         Bothe the industry of the employer and the occupation have to be in qualified tech sectors

Primary occupation aligns with job offer/employment in Alberta

The NOC code specified as the major NOC code of the profile of the candidate in the Express Entry has to be similar to the candidate’s NOC code of the current job offer/employment in Alberta.

Authentic immigrant status

If a candidate is employed in Alberta currently at the time of filing the application under Tech Pathway, they are required to possess an authentic status as an immigrant in Alberta (Implied status or Work Permit).

Aim to live in Alberta

The candidate must possess the aim to work and reside in Alberta.

Barred applicants

The following types of applicants are not qualified to get nomination via the Accelerated Tech Pathway in spite of fulfilling the criteria specified above. The applicants who are not eligible include:

  •         Seasonal, casual, or part-time workers irrespective of their hours of work
  •         Provisional Agency Workers or Independent contractors
  •         Employees who are not working in Alberta such as those who are employed online from a destination exterior of Alberta or premises exterior of Alberta

NOC Codes Targeted Under Alberta Tech Accelerated Pathway

  •         0013 Senior Managers – Monetary, Communications, and other Commercial Services
  •         0112 – Human Resources Managers
  •         0131 – Telecommunication Carriers’ Manager
  •         0211 – Engineering Managers
  •         0212 – Science and Architecture Managers
  •         0213  – Information and Computer Systems Managers
  •         0512 – Managers –Performing Arts, Broadcasting, Motion Pictures, and Publishing
  •         0601 – Managers – Corporate Sales
  •         1123 – Professional occupations in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising
  •         1121 – Professionals – Human Resources
  •         1223 – Recruitment and Human Resources Officers
  •         2132 – Mechanical Engineers
  •         2131 – Civil Engineers
  •         2133 – Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  •         2147 – Computer Engineers (apart from Software Designers and Engineers)
  •         2161 – Actuaries, Statisticians and Mathematicians
  •         2171 – Information Systems Consultants and Analysts
  •         2172 – Administrators Data and Analysts Database
  •         2173 – Software Designers and Engineers
  •         2174 – Interactive Media Developers and Computer Programmers
  •         2175 – Web Developers and Designers
  •         2221 – Biological Technicians and Technologists
  •         2232 – Mechanical Engineering Technicians and Technologists
  •         2233 – Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Technicians and Technologists
  •         2241 – Electronics and Electrical Engineering Technicians and Technologists
  •         2253 – Drafting Technicians and Technologists
  •         2281 – Technicians Computer Network
  •         2282 – Technicians User Support
  •         2283 – Information Systems Testing Technicians
  •         3211 – Medical Laboratory Technologists
  •         3212 – Pathologists’ Assistants and Medical Laboratory Technicians
  •         3219 – Other Medical Technicians and Technologists (apart from Dental Health)
  •         4163 – Marketing Consultants and Researchers and Business Development Officers
  •         5131 – Choreographers, Directors, Producers and Related Occupations
  •         5241 – Graphic Illustrators and Designers
  •         7241 – Electricians (except Power System and Industrial)
  •         7242 – Industrial Electricians
  •         7246 – Telecommunications Repair and Installation Workers

Application Process

To file an application through the Accelerated Tech Pathway, an overseas citizen has to confirm that they fulfill the NOC Code or industry requirements for any of the 38 occupations in demand.

After fulfilling this criterion, the candidate can commence the process of application. They have to offer information regarding their profile in Express Entry, employer, and offer of a job to AAIP. These details will be then assessed by AINP and qualified candidates will be offered an invitation to apply for nomination.

Successful candidates will be asked to accept the nomination in their Express Entry profile and acceptance will incur them 600 points under CRS.

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