What Is Support Coordination and How Can It Benefit Your NDIS Plan?


If you’re in the NDIS, you might have access to a support coordinator as part of your plan. If you have funding for it, you might be wondering what a support coordinator does and how they can assist you.

Whether you’re new to the NDIS or your situation has changed, a support coordinator is like a helpful tool to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

Let’s break it down What is support coordination, and how can it help you connect with your supports, community, and reach your goals?

What is a support coordination?

A support coordination is someone who helps you organise and plan your NDIS supports. They make sure NDIS participants get started with their supports and understand how their plan works. Support coordination is a kind of help included in your plan, and it’s given to NDIS participants based on their needs. This means not everyone will have funding for support coordination.

What does a support coordinator do?

A support coordinator offers three main levels of help for those who need it. Let’s break it down:

  • Support Connection:

support helps you connect with informal, community, and funded supports so you can make the most of your plan and work towards your goals. (An LAC can also provide this level of support.)

  • Support Coordination:

This support helps you understand and use your plan better. A support coordinator works with you to make sure you have a mix of supports that help you build skills, maintain relationships, handle service tasks, live more independently, and be part of your community.

  • Specialist Support Coordination:

This is a higher level of support coordination. It’s for people with more complex situations who need specialist help. A specialist Support Coordinator helps you manage challenges in your support environment and ensures services are consistently delivered.

How can a support coordinator help me?

As someone in the NDIS, you get to decide what kind of supports you want, and a support coordinator can help you with that. Here’s what they do:

  • Help you understand your plan:

Support coordinators are there to explain how your plan works—what services you’ll get and how they’ll be provided.

  • Support you in building skills and connecting with others:

They can help you learn new skills to reach your goals and connect with family, friends, and people in your community.

  • Negotiate with providers to get a good deal:

Support coordinators can talk with service providers to make sure you get the best services in the way that works for you. This is especially helpful if you’re new to the NDIS or just starting with your plan.

  • Ensure the smooth running of your plan:

Support coordinators make sure all agreements and contracts are kept. They check that you’re getting the right level and quality of supports from your NDIS plan. They also help you plan and prepare for your plan review.

Is a support coordinator different from a plan manager?

A support coordinator and an NDIS Plan Manager have different roles.

NDIS Plan Manager:

Focuses on the financial side of your NDIS plan. This includes making sure service providers get paid on time, handling monthly reporting, and managing your budget.

There are four ways to handle the financial side of your plan: self-managed, NDIS managed, using a plan manager, or a mix of these.

Support Coordinator:

Helps you mostly with your service providers. Unlike plan managers, support coordinators are available only if it’s deemed necessary based on your situation or disability. They don’t handle the financial side; they assist with organising and accessing the services you need.

So, in simpler terms, a Plan Manager deals with the money part, while a Support Coordinator helps you with getting the services you need.

How do I choose an NDIS support coordinator?

You can find a support coordinator in a few ways:

Your LAC may suggest some options:

Your Local Area Coordinator might give you names of support coordinators you can consider.

Your planner or LAC might send a Request for Service:

Your planner or LAC might reach out to a support coordination service that’s registered with the NDIS.

You can search on the NDIS website:

You can use the Provider Finder on the NDIS website to look for support coordinators near you.

How do I get started with NDIS?

If you’re new and not sure how to begin with the NDIS, don’t stress – you’re in the right spot. Signing up for the NDIS for the first time is simple, and you can do it on the NDIS website [link]. If you want more details about eligibility and how to register, check out our article on “How do I register for the NDIS?


In conclusion, having a support coordinator in the NDIS can greatly benefit you by helping organise your supports and achieve your goals. They come in different levels to meet your specific needs. Unlike NDIS Plan Managers who handle finances, support coordinators focus on services. 

You can find one through suggestions from your Local Area Coordinator, a Request for Service, or by searching the NDIS website. If you’re new to the NDIS, registering is easy on their website, and support coordinators are there to guide you through the process and enhance your NDIS experience.


  1. What exactly is a support coordinator in the NDIS?

A support coordinator is someone who helps you figure out and plan your NDIS supports. They make sure you understand how your plan works and assist you in getting started with the supports you need.

  1. How can a support coordinator assist me in the NDIS?

Support coordinators have different levels of help. They can help you connect with various supports, understand and use your plan better, and even provide specialised support for more complex situations.

  1. Is a support coordinator the same as an NDIS Plan Manager?

No, they’re different. An NDIS Plan Manager focuses on the money side, making sure service providers are paid, handling reporting, and managing budgets. A support coordinator mainly helps with organising and accessing services.

  1. How do I choose an NDIS support coordinator?

You can find a support coordinator through suggestions from your Local Area Coordinator, a Request for Service from your planner, or by searching on the NDIS website’s Provider Finder.

  1. I’m new to the NDIS – how do I get started?

Don’t worry, it’s simple! You can sign up for the NDIS for the first time on their website. If you need more details about eligibility and how to register, you can check out their article on “How do I register for the NDIS?


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