What is a Record Exporter? EOR Responsibilities: What Are They?

The functions of Exporter of Record (EOR) services are similar to those of IOR services, except that an Exporter of Record Service handles the laws and regulations about the shipment’s departure from the exporting nation’s port.

People often mix up the duties of a goods forwarder and an exporter of record (EOR) since they operate in the same exporting arena. Continue reading to learn more about the significance of EOR services in the overall picture of international shipments.

Exporters of Record (EOR) and Agents for Forwarding

EOR and forwarding agents are not duplicate titles, as was previously established. However, each of them is capable of playing the other’s part. When operating as separate businesses, these are the items that Exporter of Record Service and the goods forwarder need to communicate about.

  • The forwarding agent receives their name, company address, and EIN from EOR services.
  • EOR provides the shipment’s six-digit international export code, the Schedule B number.
  • The EORs are responsible for providing the agent with commodity data.
  • If the foreign primary party, the seller, wants to collaborate with ECCN, EOR services must provide and share it with the goods forwarder.

The Advantages of an EOR Solution for Your Company

Easier Development And Growth

An employment-related relief (EOR) provider serves as an employer for an individual or group of employees on behalf of another business, saving the hiring firm the time and money associated with finding and managing new hires.

Economical Fix

When recruiting internationally, using an Employer of Record (EOR) service might be more affordable than establishing your own company or doing all HR duties in-house.

Many legal and administrative duties related to employing and supervising staff are taken care of by an Exporter of Record Service provider. Because you won’t have to spend money setting up and maintaining a legal corporation or building up HR infrastructure in the nation where the employees will be employed, this may save your business time and money.

Additionally, an EOR supplier may be well connected and knowledgeable about the local labor market, which may assist the employing organization in navigating labor rules and regulations and avoiding expensive errors. This might be crucial when recruiting in nations with complicated or foreign employment regulations.

More Time To Devote To Running Your Company

You will have more time and resources to concentrate on your primary company operations and plans as an EOR service will handle many administrative and legal duties related to recruiting and managing staff.

Preserve The Already Scarce Resources

Organizations with minimal HR resources may benefit from working with an Employer of Record (EOR) provider. For businesses that need more resources or experience to manage these responsibilities internally, an EOR’s services provide an economical and effective option.

For instance, a small or fledgling business may need more infrastructure or resources to recruit and manage workers directly. Yet, it could still need to hire people to support its expansion. An EOR supplier may provide the required HR knowledge and assistance, freeing the organization to concentrate on its primary operations.

A business growing into new markets or areas where it may need the required HR infrastructure in place might also benefit from the services of an EOR supplier. Your HR staff may lack the resources and time to concentrate on international recruiting if you have a small HR department.

Make Legal Payroll Administration Easier Overseas

Payroll management and employee payments in local currency are handled by employers of record, which may assist in guaranteeing adherence to regional labor laws and regulations.

Since the EOR service providers could access local payment methods or cheaper rates, paying workers in their home currency might also result in savings on exchange expenses. This may lower the total cost of payroll management, which can be particularly advantageous for businesses that hire employees abroad.

You may reduce currency conversion costs for your company by paying staff in their native currency. It is necessary to convert the money from your home currency into the foreign currency of your workers before settling them in that currency. Significant transaction fees may arise from this, especially if you’re paying staff members in many nations regularly. You may save money and avoid these expenses using an EOR that pays staff in their native currency.

Maintaining compliance with regional employment rules and regulations may also be facilitated by paying staff members in their native currency. Experienced external relations professional (EOR) may guarantee that the organization complies with wage regulations peculiar to certain nations. By doing this, you may avoid fines and other legal issues resulting from breaking the law.


Collaborating with an employer of record may aid in attracting top talent, boost employee retention, enhance the application of uniform procedures, provide beneficial assistance to the business and its staff, and assign HR responsibilities so that the latter can concentrate on its core competencies.

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