What are the cancellation fees for Spirit tickets

It may be a highly costly and inconvenient experience to cancel a flight. If you do wind up having to cancel, being aware of the specifics of the airline’s cancellation policy can save you a significant amount of money and time.

You’re at the correct place if you booked your flight or are intending to book one—with Spirit Airlines! You may use this information to browse their spirit airlines cancellation policy and find out which policies apply to your particular circumstances.

Cancellation Fee for Spirit Tickets

Usually, Spirit airlines charges $90 for the cancellation and $100 for the cancellation made over the call or at the airport. The best method to cancel a ticket without paying a high amount of cancellation is to cancel the ticket online. 

Spirit has fare policy on the deduction of charges on the cancellation if you have cancelled your ticket before 60 days of scheduled departure you will not be charges for anything. While if you are cancelling a ticket at the last moment you will be charged for the full  amount on last moment cancellation. 

Refer to the below mentioned charges for the Spirit airlines cancellation policy :

0-6 days  from departure $119

7-30 days from departure $99

31-59 days from departure $69

More than 60 days of departure: Free

Steps to Cancel Spirit Airlines Ticket

You can cancel the Spirit Airlines Flight before the boarding of the flight. It depends on the flight you have selected and the time of the flight booking. You need to visit the website portal and enter the details to cancel your flight.

It takes a few minutes but make sure that you know about the cancellation charges and deduction of the fee amount while making any cancellation.

Follow the below mentioned steps to cancel the ticket online:

Navigate to the Spirit Airlines website, select My Trips, then input your flight confirmation code and last name.

On the Trips Summary page, scroll down and click the Cancel Flight button, which is close to the bottom of the screen.

Choose the preferred refund option. Depending on your price class and cause for cancellation, you may be eligible for a refund to your original payment method or a credit for future travel.

To confirm, choose Cancel Reservation. A page confirming your cancellation and an email containing the specifics

will be sent to you.

Spirit Cancellation Coverage

80% Coverage – Gives you the option to cancel your reservation for any reason up to 24 hours prior to the first flight’s scheduled departure. It also ensures that you will receive either an 80% refund of the original reservation cost or 100% of the original cost as a one-year reservation credit that can be used on any available flight.

100% Coverage: This option gives you the choice between receiving a 100% refund of the initial reservation cost or a 100% reservation credit good for one year that can be used on any flight listed on our website. You can cancel your reservation for any reason up to 24 hours prior to the first flight’s scheduled departure.

Reasons of Cancellation

On, the option to “Cancel For Any Reason” is exclusive to initial flight-only reservations.

All passengers on the reservation must purchase Cancel For Any Reason.

Cancel For Any Reason won’t be an option for a reservation that is already made.

More than 24 hours before the first flight on your reservation’s scheduled departure, you must complete any cancellations online at spirit dot com.

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All of the scheduled flights are subject to the Cancel for Any Reason policy.

Should you choose to cancel your flight less than twenty-four hours before take off, you will be charged our regular cancellation fees. 

Not every flight will have this extra service available for purchase.

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