What Are the Best Nic Salts to Buy in 2024?

Nic salts are the most popular types of e-liquids in the market, because of their smooth taste and flavour. These e-liquids are sold like hotcakes in vape shops, because they are bought by vapers of all levels – be they beginners or advanced. Nic salts are also conducive to a variety of nicotine strengths, which allows people to customize their vaping experience as per their needs.

When we talk about vape brands that sell nic salts, there are a lot of factors that make one brand take precedence over another. Some of the major factors include flavour, quality, coil compatibility, and taste. A lot of vape brands excel at one of those things but then fail at another. But there are a few players in the market, who tick all the boxes and stand out as winners.

In this blog, we will discuss the best nic salt e-liquid to buy from brands in 2024 to turn up your vape game. These brands are undoubtedly the best nic salts brands that you should look out for. We hope this helps the vaping community make an informed decision about their vape shopping choices.

Bar Juice 5000

Bar Juice is a UK-based e-liquid brand that sells e-liquids that are close to their disposable vape counterparts. As per the brand, one bottle of bar juice is equal to 5 disposable vape bars, which makes their e-liquid both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Bar Juice 5000 is the newest range of e-liquids launched by the brand. These e-liquids come in a variety of flavours and are packed in 10ml bottles with 20mg nicotine strength. As the claim holds, some of Bar Juice 5000 flavours are reminiscent of elf bar disposables like apple peach, energy ice, and kiwi passionfruit guava.

Their most loved and sold flavours include fresh menthol mojito, triple mango, strawberry ice, lemon and lime and strawberry banana. From refreshing fruits to indulgent sweet treats, their flavour profiles are extremely well-balanced and give a really pleasant vaping experience, that every vaper aspires for. In August 2022, the brand also released 10 new flavours, including 9 flavours from the Elux disposable vape range and one more from the Elf Bar range.

IVG 6000

IVG is a premium UK-based vape brand, that is one of the first vape brands to bring vaping to the region. It has been on the forefront at every vaping event and award ceremony and has also received numerous e-cig click awards, for its consistently good product reviews and performance in the market. IVG 6000 is the newest nic salt range by IVG, which is available in 10 different flavours and replicates their disposable range experience.

These e-liquids are available in 10 and 20 mg nicotine strength and can be used in any low-powered pod device of your choice. The choice of flavour is open to a lot of flavour ranges including fruity, menthol, dessert tobacco etc. With their impressive flavour lineup, these salts have really captured and taken over the market by storm.

Elf Bar Nic Salts – Elfliq

Originating from China, but operational in the UK, Germany, France and other countries in the EU, Elf Bar is one of the most popular vape brands in the world, and it is specifically known for its top-notch disposable vapes. Eliq nic salts are the newest nicotine salt range by Elf Bar, and the e-liquids are the same as found in Elf Bars.

Elfliq nic salts have quickly taken over the market and will be the top-selling e-liquid in 2024 as well. The reason is that they give you the same level of satisfaction and flavour as 5 elf bars. Each bottle comes with an e-liquid capacity of 10ml, whereas a disposable bar has only a 2ml capacity. So it would take 5 elf bars to be equivalent to 1 Elfliq nic salt bottle. The flavour range for these nic salts is also quite wide, and they are available in a variety of flavours and 2 nicotine strengths i.e. 10mg and 20mg.

Vampire Vapes

Based in the UK, Vampire Vapes is one of the most renowned and reputable brands in the vaping industry. Vampire Vape are particular legends in the EU market of flavours. Heisenberg and Pinkman for example, but they have many other bangers, such as Dawn, Blood Sukka, Killer Custard and Arctic Fruit.

Besides its amazing flavour range and offbeat aesthetic, Vampire Vapes is also known for its diverse and eclectic range of flavour profiles. After releasing their big hits like Heisenberg and Pinkman, inspired by the famous TV show Breaking Bad, the brand has continued making and experimenting with a wide array of flavour options. Vampire Vapes have also made their starter e-liquid range to facilitate vapers who are new to vaping or struggling to quit smoking.

Juice N Power Nic Salts

Juice n Power is a UK-based vape brand and a comparatively newer player in the market. But the fact that it is new, hasn’t stopped it from earning acclaim from vapers. Juice n Power nic salt range has been winning hearts with its uncountable flavour choices and unique flavour profiles and combinations.

These salts have extremely balanced flavour profiles and come in two different nicotine strengths i.e. 10mg and 20mg. They come in 10ml bottles with a child-proof lock system, and the PG: VG ratio is 50:50. These salts are definitely going to be on rotation for vapers in 2024, with Juice n Power releasing a newer and even better flavour range in the upcoming months.

Final Note

We hope this guide serves as an aid for those looking to reset their palate with newer and better nic salt options. The brands we have mentioned, are among the few brands, that surpass our expectations when it comes to nic salts, with amazing flavour options, and high-quality ingredients. This is not a definitive list and there are other brands that are increasingly gaining popularity as well, but these brands have stood out through 2023, and they are also making headways in 2024.

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