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User Interface and Branding for Virtual Stylist

The next generation of apps is getting increasingly tailored to each user’s unique needs in order to solve their unique problems. This kind of product is the subject of today’s design story. Introducing Inspora, a virtual assistant that helps with fashion and style matters. Here are a few details that the Tubik team was able to work on: the project’s logo, user interface, and promotional video.

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Millions of young women all over the globe confront the same dilemma every day: being at a loss for what to wear when they stand in front of their closet. It can lead to anxiety, pain, and poor clothing choices in a variety of contexts. The original plan to develop a product to address this issue evolved into making an AI-powered chatbot tailored to specific needs.

To sum up, Inspora is an online personal stylist that aims to make getting dressed less of a chore. A user can ask Inspora, “What should I wear?” through Facebook Messenger, and she will suggest easy-to-replicate outfits for any event.

Inspora offers three main advantages. Hello there!

• Intelligent: Inspora’s AI pooled the knowledge of hundreds of actual fashion stylists.

• Genuinely individual: Through direct communication, Inspora learns about you and your preferences.

You can text Inspora at any time and get prompt advice because it is fully automated.

How can Inspora possibly advise you on what to wear? Just like when you’re getting to know a new friend, she’ll learn more about you and your style preferences the more you talk to her. She can figure out your current mood, context, and meaning using natural language processing. She will carefully review all the fashion-related details you provide and inquire if anything is missing.

At first glance, the product appears to be gender-marked—it’s marketed towards young women, it’s referred to as “she” rather than “it”—and it’s portrayed as a woman. One important fact that the creators took into consideration is that Gen Z loves texting! Messenger and similar messaging apps have surpassed all others in terms of time spent on these platforms. Companies in the fashion industry have been slow to adapt to the new conversational interface trend. To address the needs of Generation Z, Inspora is developing a new kind of fashion/technology company with a chat-based interface that allows users to curate outfits, refine their style, and find new fashion content.

Brand Identity

Beginning with the brand sign, the design process commenced. A logo symbol representing an easily decipherable image of a girl was conceptualized by graphic designer Yaroslava Yatsuba during a creative search, taking into consideration the points mentioned above. It had to have a sophisticated design that drew the eye and introduced the concept of style right away. The product based on deep personalization was determined to be an effective choice when using a human image instead of an abstract sign. Presented here are the possibilities that emerged from the procedure in accordance with the proposed approach. They vary in detail but all have girls’ heads that are easily identifiable.

After some deliberation, the consensus settled on a cheery girl’s image devoid of any supplementary geometric elements. The combination of white as the base color and two vibrant accent colors creates an eye-catching and fashionable scheme. To achieve a feminine yet daring look, the lines are soft and curvy. Not to mention how a logo can appear more airy and sophisticated with the help of negative space. The brand name was presented using the typographic portion of the logo as soon as the final symbol version was refined. To complement the sign’s horizontal and vertical layouts, the designer settled on slim, legible fonts.

Visual Communication

The graphic designer was then faced with an exciting new challenge: to design a massive collection of uniform icons to denote different garment and shoe styles. They were all tested in a range of sizes and resolutions to ensure they were readable on different devices.

Interface Design

Part of user interface design is figuring out how to make screens that aren’t too cluttered with information, but also don’t make users bored as they type in a ton of data. For instance, take a look at the screen on the left: The icons located at the top of the screen allow users to select clothing categories by simply pressing the buttons corresponding to the corresponding icons. After that, it uses what Inspora knows about the user’s character, tastes, and app habits to make outfit suggestions. Once again, the user can remove or save the suggested outfit to her wardrobe with the touch of an icon. It’s immediately apparent that the logo’s color scheme is reflected in the buttons and other color accents. This is how we achieve consistent branding for our app.

Simple and easily comprehensible icons classify the garments according to the occasion and style. The next screen is My Wardrobe, where users can select clothing and shoe models that are close to their actual possessions. The assistant then presents the user with the available options.

Promotional Film

A brief and uncomplicated promotional video was created to bolster product marketing and educate prospective users about the advantages of Inspora in a timely manner. Video content is a powerful means of communication, particularly among the younger demographic that has grown up with it. Additionally, videos excel at setting the appropriate emotional tone. Screencasts showcasing the actual interface and interactions with Inspora are presented in an elegant and clear manner, with catchy taglines that highlight the core benefits.

Feel free to visit Inspora’s landing page and begin messaging immediately if you’re interested in giving it a try.

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